Can You Bet On WWE?

By Adam Kenny
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Can You Bet On WWE?

The concept of betting on WWE matches is something that will sound strange to many bettors. It’s a scripted event, presented as a sporting event. While the outcome is predetermined, it is not known to the average viewer, which means many of the best sports betting sites will offer WWE odds on some of the bigger events. 

Can You Bet On WWE Matches?

Different countries have different legislation when it comes to online betting, so the availability of WWE betting will differ from region to region. For example, UK and Irish bettors live in countries which, historically, have been more liberal than many other countries in terms of online betting. As such, UK betting sites and Ireland betting sites will frequently offer betting odds on major WWE events. 

USA sports betting sites typically do not offer WWE betting, though. Online sports betting legislation in the US is ever-evolving, but currently, that legislation only covers sports betting. With WWE not being regarded as a fully-fledged sport, despite what those involved might like to think, there are no regulations that cover betting on it in the United States. 

Many WWE sports betting sites will have their WWE odds in the Novelties or Specials section of their site, alongside the likes of Oscars betting or the Eurovision Song Contest. The markets are often provided for PR reasons as much as anything else, so WWE betting markets are usually not very competitively priced. But if you follow the “sport”, then maybe you’ll have an angle the odds-setters haven’t considered.

Where to Bet On WWE?

At, we have compiled the best licensed, trusted sports betting sites and sports betting apps in one place. As mentioned above, it will be offered only at selected betting sites and only in specific parts of the world. Here are some of our top betting sites, that may offer WWE betting:

How to Bet on WWE

Opening a new WWE betting account takes just a couple of minutes. Once you have found the site you want to bet at, click on the link here at to access their site. Depending on the site and where you are located, there may also be a welcome offer or free bet for placing your first bet. 

Account registration involves providing your information – name, address, email address, mobile number etc, and depositing with one of the payment methods accepted at that site. Licensed sports betting sites will verify new customers’ accounts to ensure a) that they are old enough to legally bet and b) using a payment method that belongs to them. This usually involves sending documents by email or uploading them to their site. For that reason, it is important to only sign up if it is legal for you to do so; make sure the information you provide is accurate and use a payment method that is yours. 

Once you have opened your account, the process for placing a bet is generally consistent from one site to another. Navigate to the betting market of your choice and click on the odds for the selection you want to bet on. That will add them to your betslip, where you can enter your stake (the amount you would like to bet). The potential returns (the amount you will receive if your bet wins) will often be displayed on the betslip too. The betslip will likely say ‘bet now’ or ‘place bet’, and your bet will be successfully placed within seconds. 

Which WWE Events Can I Bet On?

The biggest WWE betting event of the year, surprisingly, is not Wrestlemania. Though that does come in a distant second. The Royal Rumble every January is the most popular WWE betting market. Not only is there a men’s and women’s match to find the winner of, but there are also prop markets available on some WWE betting apps, including most eliminations, longest time spent in the match and winning number. 

Betting sites that do offer WWE betting to bettors in areas it’s allowed, such as Paddy Power and Unibet, tend to offer odds on the monthly WWE pay-per-views. It’s also common to find WWE odds for things like the next Money In The Bank Winner, and who will main event the next Wrestlemania. As AEW has grown in popularity, betting sites have begun offering odds on that too, which is great for wrestling fans who can and want to bet. 

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