Free Sports Betting Games and Pools in the US

By James Molloy
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Free Sports Betting Games and Pools in the US

As the sports betting industry continues its rapid growth in the United States, many of the top betting sites operators are looking to stand out from their peers by offering free-to-play games for their users. These allow both new and existing customers to earn bonuses, rewards and even cash prizes without spending or staking any money.

When utilized correctly, these are a great addition to any sports betting website as they both reward customers and also present different sports and betting markets to its users. This means they can serve as a great introduction to some areas of sports betting its customers may have not been familiar with previously.

Here at Bookmakers we have rounded up some of the best examples of the impressive free-to-play games already available at some of the top United States betting websites below. Make sure to check in on this page regularly, as this is a rapidly evolving feature in the betting space so we will keep it updated with any new free-to-play games that get added in the future.


A true market leader in the online gambling world in the United States, DraftKings, offers free to play sportsbook pools every day. These come as part of their wider pools product where users can both enter and create paid pools across a wide range of events.

Draftkings Free Pools

The free-to-play pools are normally a Pick 'em style, where users make their selections from a few predetermined markets depending on the sport offered which can range from Football, Basketball Hockey, Boxing, UFC, Baseball, Golf and more.

The number of picks required can vary based on the pool but can include options from such markets as the spread line, moneyline, player scoring props and over/under bets.

Free pools at DraftKings are usually limited to one entry with a prize structure that's typically less generous than their paid counterparts. These free entry pools usually come with a fixed amount on offer as the prize pool, whereby the paid pools will usually increase the prize pool with each entry.

Other free-to-play pool types are also available on occasion other than pick’em pools such as Squares, Brackets and Survivor pools.

For those out there who like playing daily fantasy sports, DraftKings also usually have a few free to enter daily games on their famed fantasy platform also. Similar to their free betting pools, the prize pools for these would usually be quite a bit less than any paid entry tournaments.


Another huge name in the US sports betting world, FanDuel makes it extremely easy for it’s users to enjoy their free-to-play games. From accessing the ‘Free’ section on their navigation, you can quickly access all the available free to play games available at FanDuel. This includes a variety of pool-based games such as Over/Under, which specifies a game and you then simply have to choose an over or under line for each market or prop for a chance to win a share of the prize pool on offer.

Fanduel Free Games

They also have an NFL Season predictor which this season had over 100k entries. How this works is bettors must pick selections each week for a chance to win up to $10000 in prizes. This comes with it’s own leaderboard where you can check your progress as the game week and season progresses.

On the NBA side, through their partnership with The Ringer they have a Win Totals Pick’em currently active with a $5k prize pool. For a chance at winning this prize, users had to pick the over/under on total wins for 14 select teams along with their pick for which player will win the scoring title in the NBA at the beginning of the season. These season-long free-to-play games can be a great option as they more often than not will have much larger prizes on offer and also keep you interested throughout the year.

FanDuel also offers a few free-to-enter tournaments on their Daily Fantasy platform regularly, which allows the daily fantasy fans out there to enter some large tournaments with no entry fee. This is a great way to try out Daily Fantasy for the first time, even if the prize pools are a bit smaller than the standard paid entry tournaments on offer.

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Caesars Sportsbook

Caesars free to play experience comes through their partnership with SuperDraft, their Daily Fantasy partner. Not just daily fantasy focused, SuperDraft also houses a free-to-play sportsbook that operates identically to its legal equivalent except no deposits are required and instead of withdrawing winnings, there are prizes and rewards.

Caesers Free Rewards

These rewards cover a wide range of options, such as free vacation giveaways, private dinners and golf experiences at Caesars destinations and electronics such as PS5s, TVs and Laptops amongst other smaller rewards such as Gift Cards for Caesars properties.

This is a great addition to the standard cash prizes on offer at other sportsbooks, especially useful for those that like to stay, dine or golf at any of the many Caesars properties countrywide.

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Currently, BetMGM do not have any free-to-play games on their website but they have run some pool-style games in the past, along with their innovative Tecmo Bowl inspired game 8 Bit Barry, which allowed users to play an 8-bit Football game where you took control of Barry Sanders and had to spin, juke or stiff-arm your way past the opposition with a range of free bets as your reward.

BetMGM Free to Play Games

Although they do not have any free-to-play games currently live, BetMGM is definitely one to keep an eye on in the future as we are sure they will offer these kinds of games again soon.

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