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At Bookmakers we provide the latest news and insights into the global world of betting offers and leading online bookmakers.

Stay up to date with legislation changes, instant betting market reaction to breaking news across all prime-time sports events and insight as to where the smart money is going. We deliver news on odds and prices, offers and promo codes that make the difference when it comes to where to bet across the globe and cover all key sports from NFL, Soccer, Tennis, Golf, MLB, NBA, IPL and more!

Global Bookmakers Betting News

We cover international betting sites, whatever jurisdiction you reside in we have expert writers and reporters on the ground who will cover the sports betting landscape with your wager in mind.

If NFL betting sites are going all out to get your custom on the Super Bowl, to enhance odds across the NFL or boost first goal scorer odds in the Premier League we will let you know first. has a huge network of fully licenced global sports betting bookmakers and we utilise our partnerships to give the ultimate sports betting news coverage from bookmakers that make gambling online easier, safer and simpler wherever you live.

Sports Betting News, Reaction and Insight

Online bookmakers react to news in the same way we do as readers, by assessing, considering impact, and making adjustments or decisions. If you knew that the Los Angeles Rams star quarterback was injured or that Liverpool had just signed PSG striker Kylian Mbappe ahead of a key game it would effect your view on the outcome of that game, positively or perhaps negatively and the betting markets and prices react accordingly.

Bookmakers across the globe do this all the time, the odds and markets adjust as the news filters through and more information effecting the outcome of an event it clear. A storm due for the early starters at The Masters would change prices on golf betting sites in Augusta, while a player dropped from a NBA team roster for bad behaviour or even a difficult draw for the next round of the Champions League will also mix things up at sports betting sites. expert writers are here to understand and explain the trending market movements so you can take advantage, avoid the pitfalls and maximise your entertainment and options when betting on the worlds most popular sporting events with the best betting offers.

Bookmaker Legislation News

When legislation changes for online bookmakers this can create direct impact on who can use them, where you can use them and how you can use them, wherever you reside. It is different of course from country to country, state to state and province to province. Some markets like Politics or TV specials won’t be available to bet on, some types of match betting and props will be offered and some will not.

This comes down to the rules and licensing arrangements operators have with their regulators in the jurisdictions that they accept players from as an online bookmaker. At we make sure changes are highlighted, the outcomes explained and sometimes predicted and ensure if it happens to affect you then you know about it and can make informed decisions when required.