The Betting Odds for Incredible Sporting Feats Happening

By Adam Kenny
 |  11 mins
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The Betting Odds for Incredible Sporting Feats Happening

You can get betting odds on pretty much anything happening these days with sports betting taking off in the United States at a rate of knots, we've created odds for the 30 most unlikely sporting scenarios in the world occurring. Take a look through these potential achievements and decide which of them could possibly happen.

Sport: Skiing

Sporting Feat: Skiing to the North Pole

Odds: 500,000/1

Although this doesn’t sound too difficult in theory, the biggest issue is that the path to the North Pole isn’t suitable for skis due to the melting of the polar ice caps. It means that this feat is close to impossible despite the fact that there are plenty of skiers who would be prepared to give this a go with enough snow. The United States has an estimated 12 millions skiers, though most of these will be purely recreational. Anyone planning on trying to reach the North Pole may need to get their skates (or skis) on. Such an endurance test will require a lot of training and those ice caps aren't waiting around forever. The window closes a little more each day.

Sport: Snooker

Sporting Feat: A 147 Break

Odds: 100,000/1

A 147 break in snooker is the holy grail of the sport. 15 reds, 15 blacks, then all six colors in a single visit to the table is something many pros go their entire career without achieving, let alone amateur players. It has happened only 12 times in the history of the World Championships, with Ronnie O'Sullivan responsible for three of them. The odds on someone having a 147 in their local snooker hall with friends are enormous.

Sport: Basketball

Sporting Feat: 100 Point Game

Odds: 50,000/1

When we say 100 point game, we mean an individual player to achieve 100 points within the same match. It’s a near impossibility considering that the legendary Michael Jordan achieved no more than 63 in any of his matches. Wilt Chamberlain is the only man to have scored a century and it has been suggested that he was intentionally fouled to provide a few free throws along the way. Because of its rarity, you might not find this bet available with the leading NBA betting sites, but you could request odds for it. 

Sport: Rowing

Sporting Feat: Row the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean solo

Odds: 50,000/1

This incredible achievement has was made by the super-human Roz Savage and she claimed four Guinness World Records as a result. Given that she was prepared to be alone at sea for up to five months at a time, this is not something that any ordinary Joe could consider and Savage remains the only person able to experience this success.

Sport: Gymnastics

Sporting Feat: A Perfect 10

Odds: 35,000/1

The perfect 10 in gymnastics is entirely deserving of its place on this list. Having to perform moves for a panel of judges who will each have subjective opinions of difficulty and perfection makes it very difficult to achieve. In the Olympics as we know them now, a perfect 10 was first recorded by Nadia Comaneci in Montreal in 1976. Since then, 44 perfect scores have been awarded at the Olympics. A change to the scoring system means there hasn't been a perfect score since 1992, but that's not to say we won’t ever see another one. 

Sport: Cricket 

Sporting Feat: Six 6s in an Over

Odds: 30,000/1

The betting odds for six 6s being scored in an over has been calculated by taking the number of times it has been achieved and dividing it into the number of games played. Sir Garfield Sobers was the first player to claim 36 runs in an over, with the West Indian achieving this feat playing for Nottinghamshire against Glamorgan. Many of the players who have achieved this feat since were playing T20 games, as they tend to have more aggressive batting. Yuvraj Singh, Ross Whitely and Kieron Pollard are just some of the players to have recorded a 36 run over, but there aren't a whole lot more who have done it. Some of the best cricket betting sites will offer this bet.

Sport: Golf

Sporting Feat: Win a Calendar Grand Slam

Odds: 30,000/1

No man has ever achieved a Grand Slam in the modern era, with Bobby Jones recording four successes in 1930 when the PGA was hitherto known as the US Amateur. There are only a handful of players who have actually won all four tournaments including Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, Ben Hogan, Gary Player and Gene Sarazen. 2022 is already off the cards, with Scottie Scheffler and Justin Thomas winning the first two majors of the year. Maybe next year. But probably not. If you think it will happen, get the odds from one of the leading golf betting sites.

Sport: Basketball

Sporting Feat: The Quadruple Double

Odds: 30,000/1

Once again, the basketball odds for this have been calculated on the number of times it has been achieved. For the uninitiated, this a performance where a a player gets a double digit number total in four of five categories. These categories being points, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocked shots-in a game, with David Robinson achieving this in 1994. The San Antonio Spurs stud recorded 34 points, 10 rebounds, 10 assists and 10 blocks against the Detroit Pistons to become just the fourth player in the history of the NBA to achieve it. Check out the leading NBA betting sites to see if you can find odds for this achievement. 

Sport: Skateboarding

Sporting Feat: Landing a 1080 on a Vert Ramp

Odds: 25,000/1

This might be something that becomes more of a popular achievement given the professionalism of skateboarding in recent years, although it remains an incredible feat right now. At the time of writing, twelve-year-old Gui Khury remains the only person to have successfully landed a 1080 and that was achieved as recently as 2021. When you consider some of the most famous names in vert skateboarding of all time – Tony Hawk, Bob Burnquist, Steve Caballero etc – it's all the more impressive that Khury is the only person to achieve a 1080. Perhaps one of his countrymen like Pedro Barros could be next to do it.

Sport: Cricket 

Sporting Feat: Double Hat-Trick

Odds: 20,000/1

A double hat-trick is not two lots of three in cricket but actually when a bowler takes four wickets with four consecutive balls instead. As you can imagine, this is something of a rarity considering that hat-tricks are a ridiculously tall order, with West Indies bowler Jason Holder one of the recent players to succeed in a T20 match against England in January 2022. As impressive as it was, England batsmen Chris Jordan, Sam Billings, Adil Rashid and Odean Smith were probably less impressed. Find the best odds for this happening with the leading cricket betting sites.

Sport: Golf

Sporting Feat: Hole in One

Odds: 12,500/1

We know that hole in ones happen every day. However, even on the PGA Tour, they are achievements that are met with astonishment. It is the dream of every golfer to record one on their local course although with odds of 12,500/1 that a professional is able to achieve this on a par 3 hole, this occurrence is always highly improbable. Many sports betting sites offer odds on players having a hole in one in a particular tournament. Place a winning bet on a player having a hole in one with one of the best golf betting sites and the drinks will be on you!

Sport: Soccer

Sporting Feat: Saving five consecutive penalties

Odds: 12,500/1

The odds are always stacked against the goalkeeper when it comes to facing a penalty kick. Indeed, the spot kick save is generally around the 11/2 mark on the majority of the leading soccer betting sites, meaning five consecutive shut-outs comes in at over 12,000/1. Two keepers have come the closest, with Ciaran Kelly of Sligo Rovers and Helmuth Duckadam of Barcelona achieving four consecutive saves.

Sport: Surfing

Sporting Feat: Surfing a wave bigger than 80 feet

Odds: 10,000/1

There are few surfers who are even prepared to contemplate taking on waves of this magnitude, although Garrett McNamara broke the world record in 2011 when surfing a wave recorded at 78 feet. This was off the coast of Nazare in Portugal, with the record staying in place until 2020 when Antonio Laureneo managed to successfully tackle a 101 foot wave in exactly the same place. If anyone is ever to beat this record, the wave will be almost as high as the odds.

Sport: Baseball

Sporting Feat: Perfect Game

Odds: 10,000/1

In the World Series era, it’s only occasionally that a pitcher will come along and serve up the perfect game. The most recent of these was Felix Hernandez in 2012 when the Seattle Mariners player threw the 23rd perfect game in the history of the MLB. Considering that 220,000 Major League Baseball games have been played in total, it’s easy to see why the odds on the leading baseball betting sites are so big.

Sport: Swimming

Sporting Feat: Swimming the Amazon River

Odds: 10,000/1

Plenty of people have been able to swim bodies of water such as the English Channel, although it’s a different story when it comes to the Amazon river which poses any number of challenges for even the toughest swimmers in the world. It remains the case that Martin Strel in 2007 is the only person to record this achievement despite several failed attempts. Aside from being an impressive endurance feat, the various strong currents, wildlife and water quality make this all the more difficult. 

Sport: American Football

Sporting Feat: Making Four Consecutive Super Bowls

Odds: 8,000/1

There are often the same NFL teams who reach the business end of the season although a side that actually reaches the Super Bowl on four consecutive occasions needs a bit of luck on their side. That is why we calculate odds of 8,000/1 that they are able to show up at the grand finale four times on the spin like the Buffalo Bills managed in the 1990s. Many NFL betting sites will provide odds for this bet if requested.

Sport: Ten Pin Bowling

Sporting Feat: 300 Game

Odds: 8,000/1

Many of us enjoy a game of bowling although scoring above 100 in a game is generally regarded as a solid achievement. Getting the perfect 300 is the stuff of dreams for an amateur and the Pro Bowling Association regard this achievement as being somewhere in the region of 8,000/1 if you were backing yourself to do it.

Sport: Football

Sporting Feat: Goalkeeper scoring a goal

Odds: 5,000/1

This is an easy one to calculate odds-wise considering that a goalkeeper finds the net roughly once in 5,000 matches. The best chance of a keeper scoring is coming up for a corner later in the game they need to win or draw and managing to connect with the ball, although there have been instances when a stopper has kicked the ball long only for it to bounce over the opposition keeper’s head. Goalkeepers like former Paraguay player Jose Luis Chilavert who scored over 50 goals in his career aren’t exactly common! More recently, Liverpool goalkeeper Allison scored an injury time header that helped the Reds secure qualification for the Champions League. You might not find goalkeepers like on the scoring markets with many soccer betting sites, but odds may be provided if it is requested.

Sport: Athletics

Sporting Feat: Four Minute Mile

Odds: 5,000/1

Sir Roger Bannister famously became the first person to run a mile in under four minutes, with this happening in 1954 and the number of athletes to have made this achievement is now over 1,500. However, it’s still a difficult challenge considering that a runner needs to have an average pace of 15 miles per hour to break the barrier.

Sport: Tennis

Sporting Feat: Winning a Calendar Grand Slam

Odds: 5,000/1

While it’s arguably easier for a tennis player to achieve a calendar Grand Slam compared to a golfer, it’s quite something that the likes of Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic have never managed it. Steffi Graf was the last singles player to land the four-timer when obliging in the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and US Open in 1988. Plenty of tennis betting sites will have odds for this occurring in both the men's and women's game.

Sport: Climbing

Sporting Feat: Climbing the Five Hardest Summits in the World

Odds: 5,000/1

Intrepid explorers might aim to tackle Annapurna, K2, Kangjengchunga, Baintha Brakk and Mount Everest, although it’s a tall order even for the most hardened climber. Everest itself never offers any guarantees and only around 66% of attempts to scale the highest peak in the world actually succeed.       

Sport: Archery 

Sporting Feat: Score More Than 1400 from 144 Arrows

Odds: 3,000/1

For the non-archery fans among us, scoring over 1,400 with 144 arrows is a sporting feat that has only been managed on three occasions. There aren’t a huge number of attempts made when it comes to this achievement, although Korea’s An San was the latest archer to succeed when hitting 342, 347, 351 and 360 in July 2020.

Sport: Darts

Sporting Feat: Nine-Dart Finish With a Double Start

Odds: 1,000/1

A professional darts player will have recorded a nine-dart finish several times in practice and many will have also done it in competition. However, getting a double start and then accumulating a nine-darter is a different matter entirely. It’s around a 50% chance that a player will hit a double before going on to hit trebles and doubles without fail.

Sport: Running/Orienteering  

Sporting Feat: Completing the Barkley Marathons

Odds: 1,000/1

The Barkley Marathons are regarded as the most brutal set of races in the world. It’s essentially an ultramarathon trail race which lasts 100 miles, with the race limited to a 60-hour period. As of the 2022 event, the race has only actually been completed eighteen times by fifteen individual athletes and it’s as gruelling as they come.

Sport: Fishing

Sporting Feat: Catching a 220lb+ carp

Odds: 1,000/1

Carp fishing is popular all over the world and these types of fish can reach monumental sizes. However, being able to haul in a carp that weighs over 220lb is not an easy achievement and requires an experienced team of fishermen in order to secure this type of catch. We estimate the odds to be around the 1000/1 mark. 

Sport: NFL

Sporting Feat: Rushing for 250 Yards in a Game

Odds: 500/1

There aren’t many players who have been able to rush 250 yards in a game, with OJ Simpson the only NFL star who has been able to achieve this on more than one occasion. Walter Payton is another renowned name on the roll of honor, although we’re only talking about a handful of American Football players over a long period of time. Colts running back Jonathan Taylor achieved the feat in 2021 and is arguably the most likely player to do it again in 2022 or beyond so keep checking the leading NFL betting sites for his latest odds and for others to achieve this feat.

Sport: Darts 

Sporting Feat: 9 Dart Finish

Odds: 500/1

Players such as Michael van Gerwen, Gerwyn Price and Michael Smith are regularly hitting nine-dart finishes in PDC tournaments, although there are far more near-misses than hits. Therefore, it’s around 500/1 that any professional player will achieve the nine-darter whenever the next leg of the match starts.

Sport: NFL

Sporting Feat: 500 Passing Yards in a Game

Odds: 500/1

At the time of writing, there are just twenty-six times when a National Football League player has achieved over 500 passing yards in a game. Joe Burrow was the latest player to do this when playing for the Cincinnati Bengals against Baltimore Ravens on 26 December 2021, while Ben Roethlisberger has made this achievement on four occasions in total. It might be worth regularly checking the odds for Burrow to repeat this feat with a number of the best NFL betting sites.

Sport: Ten Pin Bowling

Sporting Feat: 7/10 Split

Odds: 350/1

There are four pro players who have achieved the 7/10 split on TV, with Anthony Neuer becoming the latest to knock over the two pins that are left in each corner after a bowl has initially been bowled. It’s regarded as a near-impossible shot to make, although it can be done with some fortune along the way.

Sport: Football

Sporting Feat: Scoring a Hat-Trick at the World Cup Finals

Odds: 100/1

A hat-trick is scored roughly once every thirty-three games of professional football, although you can ramp up the betting odds when it comes to playing in a World Cup. Perhaps the best chance of achieving three goals in a single game is during the group stages where the strongest teams will play the outsiders in the hope of racking up the goals. Since the first World Cup in 1930, there have been over 50 hat-tricks at the World Cup Finals. England's Harry Kane scored the most recent one, in 2018 against Panama. The next World Cup gets under way in November, so if you think the long wait for a World Cup final hat-trick will come to an end, check out the odds on a number of soccer betting sites.

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