Best MLB Betting Sites

The rapid expansion of legalized sports betting over the past couple of years has brought with it a number of options, but knowing how to find the best information and the most reputable sportsbooks isn't always easy. Baseball betting, in particular, has to have its own set of guidelines and strategies, as some of the terminology and the way statistics are listed are not the same as they are in other sports. All of these things are key to be aware of before placing your baseball bets.

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Best MLB Online Betting Sites

With each MLB team normally playing a 162-game season, and the playoffs leading up to the end-of-season World Series, MLB bettors have a lot of markets available to them. There are plenty of good baseball betting sites out there, but not all of them can be classified as the best. Below you'll find a list of which sportsbooks offer the best baseball betting lines, along with our MLB betting strategies.

The NFL the NBA and the NHL, as well as their respective sports teams at the college level, all have the summer off. However, the MLB season is in full swing from Spring Training in March, to the World Series in October. Baseball games are always popular on sports betting sites, as well, even during the frigid winter months. The top MLB betting sites offer lines on free agency, spring training and World Series futures bets, giving bettors something to always think about twelve months of the year.

All you have to do is find one of our favorite online sportsbooks to place your bets and wagers. In this comprehensive review of the best MLB betting sites available, there are plenty of options where bettors can win real money, pick up some additional bonuses and more. We also share additional resources to learn everything about winning real money betting on the MLB. recommended baseball betting sites must have:

  • A site that is easy to use

An MLB betting site which doesn't provide bettors with a smooth experience while placing their bets will not land on a list of recommended betting sites. Betting on a site that lags, hangs and misfires constantly is a nightmare and at, this is one of the first things we look at when scrutinizing online baseball betting sites. We compare online betting bookmakers against the leading competitors, ensuring that the user interface and navigability are up to our standards. This goes for their desktop offering and on mobile too, with a betting app being a big plus.

  • A wide range of available baseball betting markets

In order to be included in our list, expects to see certain things in online baseball betting. The standard options - moneyline, run line and Over/Under - must be included, but there have to be additional markets in order for us to be satisfied. If the sportsbook doesn't have flexible options, it doesn't deserve a second glance.

  • A strong product offering outside of baseball

Having access to multiple baseball markets (such as Japan's Nippon Professional Baseball League) is great, but online sportsbooks also have to give bettors a wide range of other sports markets, as well. Those markets need to be as complete as the baseball offerings, or the sportsbook won't rank among the best at and won't be listed.

  • An attractive baseball betting bonus

Online baseball sportsbooks need to offer more than just lines and markets. They also need to offer additional bonuses and campaigns in order to be more attractive. These options might include baseballfree bet offers, percentage match bonuses and early payout offers. If doesn't find attractive bonus offerings at an online sportsbook, it has struck out. There is more information about baseball bonuses in-depth further down this guide.

  • Consistency between locations

At, we know that sports betting is a global activity. We go out of our way to ensure that the information presented will create a better betting experience for everyone. Online betting sites have to do the same and should, where allowed by law, offer the same markets to all users, regardless of where they live. The same types of bonuses and promotions should be offered, as well, unless local laws prevent their inclusion.

  • Multiple payment method options

Online baseball betting bookmakers need to offer multiple payment methods so players can fund their accounts as easily as possible. Among the most popular options are PayPal, Visa debit cards, Neteller, Skrill, Paysafecard, ApplePay and bank transfers, and they should all be available to all permitted markets. Having these is a great way to score points on

How to Find a Baseball Betting Site

Finding the best online baseball betting site isn't difficult - has already done all of the legwork. We have investigated online sports betting sites from around the world, rating them on our strict criteria and then eliminating those that failed to meet our standards. Only the sportsbooks that make the grade survive, and any of them can be trusted to offer a superior online baseball sports betting experience.

Baseball Betting Site Features

We've mentioned the baseball wagering sites' requirement for having a wide choice of sports; however, there are different components that are additionally significant. Social sharing add-ons that permit players to share their wagering achievements are turning out to be increasingly pervasive at baseball wagering destinations across the globe. Be that as it may, you ought to likewise pay special attention to data tools the sportsbooks offer. If they provide access to profit and loss trackers, scheduling tools, live betting and speech-based betting, they deserve more attention than those that don't include these traits. It's also nice to see online sportsbooks that support cryptocurrencies, as these are extremely popular with sports bettors.

Comparing Top Baseball Betting Sites

We've already taken the time to compare the top baseball wagering sites, and have positioned the best ones on this page (see the rundown above). However, there are some broad tips and tricks to remember for those who want to conduct their own research. As a beginning stage, look at client experience, reward offer, payment methods and market accessibility at baseball betting sites prior to settling on a choice.

Baseball Betting Stats

Baseball wagering details are unquestionably significant for improving the decision-making process when placing wagers. They can help bettors comprehend significant examples and give experiences to working on the wagering expertise, while also being able to create more complete wagering methodologies. If a baseball sports betting site offers stats and data on teams and games, that's a bonus that has to be considered.

Baseball Betting Bonuses And Promo Codes

Baseball wagering rewards and betting promo codes are utilized by sportsbooks to entice individuals to register and place their bets. They are also a great way to add value to any bets that a user might place. Numerous parts of baseball wagering rewards and promotion codes can be difficult to comprehend due to the requirements laid out by every bookmaker, but makes it easy. We have already done the difficult part, highlighting them in the terms and conditions of each offer available.

Prior to attempting to benefit from a baseball wagering bonus, you should peruse the requirements in full. A "qualifying bet" is frequently needed to acquire the full value of a free bet or a matching deposit bonus. This will vary, however, based on location, sportsbook and the sportsbook's current offerings.

Beginning the online baseball sports betting experience with a free bet or deposit match bonus (deposit $20 and the sportsbook gives you $20, for example) is an excellent way to get started, and utilizing a free bet or coordinated with a matching bonus related to some strong baseball wagering tips for your first experience should increase the entertainment value even more.

Baseball Betting Odds

MLB Betting Odds

See the latest MLB odds right here:



The MLB is the highest tier in American professional baseball. Just as there are plenty of ways to score a run, bettors have plenty of options when betting on baseball games. MLB betting lines may seem confusing at first, but they can be easily categorized, which helps bettors find their targets and preferred options. Baseball fans also have preferences with how odds are displayed - US, decimal or fractional - and the best online sportsbooks allow their users to configure this option.

Nippon Professional Baseball Betting Odds

See the latest Nippon betting odds right here:

Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) is the highest level of baseball in Japan. It is made up of two leagues with six teams each in the Central League and the Pacific League, with an annual season-ending Japan Series championship playoffs. NPB is similar to MLB, but uses a smaller baseball, strike zone and playing field. Odds, however, are presented the same as they are for MLB games.

KBO League Betting Odds

See the latest KBO betting odds right here:

The KBO League is the highest-level league of baseball in South Korea. It isn't on the same level as either MLB or the NPB, but is described as being between Double-A and Triple-A baseball. The KBO League's season ends in a championship series, the KBO Korean Series. The top five teams qualify for the postseason based on their win/loss records, and the lowest-qualifying teams face each other in a step-ladder playoff system. Each winner of that playoff system faces the next-highest team, ultimately leading to the Korean Series against the top-ranked team.

Odds are the same as those of MLB, however, there are fewer options available. The KBO doesn't have divisions, so there can't be any futures bets on division winners, and sportsbooks are only now beginning to add more KBO betting options.

Mexican Pacific League

See the latest Mexican Pacific League betting odds right here:

The Mexican Pacific League, known officially as Liga ARCO Mexicana del Pacífico for sponsorship reasons, is a professional baseball winter league based in Northwest Mexico. It only runs from October to December, with a playoff series in January, but sportsbooks offer odds when games are available.

Global Online Baseball Betting Guide

Baseball Betting USA

Baseball betting in the US has always been popular, but legalized US sports betting wasn't. The US entered the global sports betting market in 2018, when the Supreme Court struck down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA). That effectively ended a ban on states' ability to legalize sports betting, and, as of October 2021, there are now over 30 states that have either introduced legalized sports betting or that are in some stage of legalization. New Jersey was the first state to legalize sportsbooks after PASPA was reversed, but New York sports betting, Michigan sports betting, Maryland sports betting and Arizona sports betting sites are now available.

Baseball betting in the US is only set to become more and more popular as online US sportsbooks catch up with the technical level of European counterparts that have been in existence for decades. Read more about MLB betting as well as other sports in your state using our quick links.

Baseball Betting UK & Ireland

Baseball on both the UK and Ireland betting sites has almost always been present, but it doesn't garner the same attraction as other sports. Soccer is the number one sport throughout all of Europe, and horse racing betting sites are also hugely popular. However, all legitimate sportsbooks offer odds on MLB games throughout the season, with some also covering other leagues, such as Nippon and KBO.


Baseball Betting Europe

Baseball has never been exceptionally well-known in Europe for a couple of reasons. Regardless of enormous inclusion in the US and continually appearing close to the highest point on sports popularity lists, it has never truly accumulated a very remarkable genuine fan base in Europe.

However, the league's commissioner have given the green light for regular season games to be played in the UK, just as the NFL does.

Individuals who wish to bet on games, however, won't find any difficulties finding UK sports betting sites, or those in other countries that carry MLB action. What is more difficult, though, is being able to watch the games live unless you have access to the required satellite channels.


Baseball Betting South America

The legal guidelines of gambling differ across South America. A few countries, like Ecuador and Brazil, currently forbid all types of betting except for state lotteries (as of October 2021, Brazil is updating its sports betting and iGaming laws). In different countries, it isn't formally directed; however, it is likewise not effectively restricted.

In sports wagering specifically, these lawful situations are now being used by numerous bookmakers, taking into account the low degree of observing. In any case, sports betting is hugely popular throughout the region and all major sportsbooks have access to MLB games. Betcris, one of the leading sportsbooks in Latin America, is also an official MLB sports betting partner.


Baseball Betting Asia

The Asian-Pacific market, or particularly the Asian-Pacific area, keeps on being one of the biggest and best gaming markets on the planet. In 2019, it represented almost half of the worldwide market size at 48% and $72.2 billion. By then, at that point, China alone was the size of the US market, where betting and wagering had as of late been authorized. However, China still prohibits all forms of gambling.

Because baseball is popular in countries like South Korea, Japan, the Philippines and more, all major baseball activity can be found on sportsbooks throughout the regions.


Baseball Betting Africa

Currently, sports wagering in Africa primarily centres on soccer and horse racing. In North Africa, there is incredible interest in horse racing, which traces all the way back to the fifteenth century. Africans have supposedly been wagering on soccer for over 70 years. Most African players have client accounts on worldwide internet wagering platforms, which work globally, allowing them to wager on baseball games.


Baseball Betting Middle East

More often than not, casino, sports wagering, and internet betting are illegal throughout the entire Middle East. However, as long as unfamiliar web-based casino operators are utilized, less severe laws apply. As a result, developers in the Middle East are progressively licensing their games to gambling operators located elsewhere that have a solid internet presence and which can acknowledge online players from the area. Particularly the citizens of Lebanon, Israel and Egypt, as well as the United Arab Emirates, are offered online gambling options that expressly focus on their country.


When it comes to placing your bets on baseball online, you will come across a large selection of different markets to choose from. Understanding them all will make it easier to decide which options are the best for certain games. Not all of the options can be found on all sportsbooks, since there may be some restrictions based on geographic location or other regulations. You may, however, be able to bet on a lot of these markets in-play, while the action is taking place.

Baseball Moneyline

Moneyline wagering is the most widely recognized and straightforward type of sports bet you can make. To put it plainly, moneyline wagering is the point at which you bet on the general victor of the match you're betting on.

If you are a frequent bettor on, say, football (or soccer), then you'll know that you usually bet on one team to win, or for the game to end in a draw. Things work slightly differently in US markets, such as in NBA betting. For a start, American sports fans do not like draws (or 'ties' as they call them) at all. In fact, a prominent baseball coach once said "ties are like kissing your sister".

The 'moneyline' is how most Americans bet on baseball, and indeed nearly all sports. Because of the eradication of the draw, in any baseball contest one team is the favorite, and one team is the underdog. When you see the 'odds' you'll notice that one team (the favorites) have negative odds, and the other team (the underdog) has positive odds.

An example may be New York Yankees (-130) Boston Red Sox (+150). Here, the Yankees are the favorite. The 'smaller' the number, the bigger the favorite. A team at -110 is less fancied to win than a team at -190, for example. The same goes for the underdog, except that the bigger the number, the bigger the underdog.

If you are accustomed to decimal or fractional odds then you may be puzzled by the American representation of betting odds. That though is a discussion that we will come to later.

Baseball Run Line

Run Line wagering is a market presented by sports wagering sites that is used to try to even the odds between a game's favorite and its underdog. Run Line wagering (the equivalent of a spread in football, but not 'spread betting' as that is something different) is the place where the favorite is given a particular number of runs handicap, with the underdog being given a similar number of runs as an early advantage.

Should you bet on them with the spread for the top pick to win, they should win by a bigger number of runs than they're impeded by. Should you bet on the underdog, they should lose the game by less runs than the advantage they have been given. For example, a Run Line of +1.5 for the underdog means that the team has to either win the game or lose by less than 1.5 runs.

Run Line odds are typically set at -1.5 and +1.5, with different "juice" on each for all games.

If you are wondering why the handicaps given have 'half runs' it's because if 'whole runs' handicaps are given there's the danger of a tie, and we already know how Americans feel about that.

Baseball Totals

While wagering on the totals market (also called the over/under), you are wagering on whether the complete number of runs scored in the game will be over or under the number that the sportsbook has picked ahead of time.

For instance, if you bet on an 'over' of 9.5 total runs for a baseball game, the combined final score between the two teams must be 10 or more for the bet to win.

Baseball Props

A prop bet is a bet which isn't necessarily a bet on the winner of an MLB game or the number of runs that were scored. Instead, it focuses on different occasions and situations that can occur during the actual game.

Player prop wagers are a typical and fun method of wagering on baseball, as they permit you to stir up your wagering and bet your cash on more novel sectors and picks. For instance, you can wager on whether a specific player will score the first grand slam, the number of runs they will score or the number of outs a pitcher will have. For instance, you can bet on a specific hitter scoring a grand slam, the number of RBIs a hitter will bring home, or the number of strikeouts (swinging, looking or both) that a pitcher will walk off the mound with at the end of the game.

Baseball Parlays

Parlay wagering is the place where you join numerous picks from at least two unique games to make one bigger bet with higher odds. The more picks you select for your parlay bet, the higher the odds will wind up being (and the higher the winnings if the parlay lands).

Parlay wagering on baseball is incredible as it permits you to join various determinations from various games to make a bet with large odds. However, the catch is that all parts of the parlay bet (called legs) have to win for the bet to win. If one of the legs loses, the entire bet loses.

Baseball Grand Salami

A Grand Salami bet is a baseball bet placed on the over/under markets for the complete number of runs scored by all teams playing on a specific day. These kinds of wagers are exciting, as they viably permit you to include each game for a specific day into one bet, expanding the interest you have in every one of the day's games. The chances for a Grand Salami bet will rely upon the number of games to be played that particular day, as well as which teams are on the slate.

Live And In-Play Baseball

Live and in-play baseball wagering is the demonstration of putting down wagers on baseball games as the games are underway. An illustration of in-play wagering could be wagering on a team to score a specific number of homers in a specific inning, even as that inning gets underway, or regardless of whether a specific team will win a particular inning. Live wagering is an awesome component, as it permits you to perceive how the game is working out prior to betting your cash on any wagers.

Baseball Enhanced Odds

An enhanced odds bet is the point at which the sportsbook builds the odds of a specific pick or bet to a higher value than it was ahead of time. Enhanced odds picks are fantastic, as they permit bettors to get higher returns on their picks in contrast with what they were getting previously. For a contest in MLB, a great deal of sports wagering sites will offer enhanced odds, with these coming as parlay wagers or particular picks.

Baseball Futures

Future bets are long-term wagers that, like the name implies, happen sometime in the future. Anticipating the champion of the World Series is an extraordinary illustration of a futures bet you can make on baseball. Another choice would foresee the National or American League champions or whether the Padres will collapse partially through the season as they did in 2021. Getting in on futures wagering lines early, either during spring training or when Opening Day arrives, can result in a liberal payout for those futures bets that hit, since you might notice something the World Series odds haven't changed to reflect yet.

Common Baseball Terminology

If you're American, you can skip this section as you've probably lived and breathed baseball ever since Little League. You're sure to be well versed in NBA and NFL betting terminology too. For people unfamiliar with America's pastime, if you watch a game then you might wonder what the heck is going on. Here is a quick guide to some of the terms that you'll hear the commentators dishing out during all nine innings.

The Count - balls and strikes. A ball is a pitch that the umpire decides was outside the hitter's hitting zone (if you are used to cricket, the same as a wide). A strike is a pitch in the zone that the hitter either missed or didn't swing for. A count of '3 and 2' indicates three balls and two strikes. Four balls and the hitter immediately advances to first base. Three strikes and of course, the hitter is out. A missed swing at a pitch that's declared a ball (not the ball) is considered a strike unless the hitter already has two strikes.

Strikeout - In cricket, bowlers are awarded all wickets where they hit the wicket or the ball is caught. In baseball, pitchers are not awarded 'outs' if the ball is caught (as catching the ball in baseball is considered mundane). They are awarded strikeouts instead and there are two kinds. A swinging strikeout is where the hitter swings at the ball and misses it. A looking strikeout is one the hitter left alone as he thought it was going to be a ball. Three pitchers hold the MLB record for most strikeouts in a game (20), with Boston Red Sox legend Roger Clemens achieving it twice twice.

BA (Batting Average) - a batter's hits divided by at-bats. A hit is a ball that was put into play and the hitter at least got to first base. An 'at-bat' is whenever a hitter is at the plate. The higher the batting average, the better the hitter. A BA over .300 is considered decent.

ERA (Earned Run Average) - earned runs divided by innings pitched. An 'earned run' is a run that is attributable to the pitcher (i.e. one that was not scored because of a fielder's error). For example, if a hitter reaches first base on a hit and later comes in to score, then that is an earned run attributed to the pitcher who allowed the hit, even if a different pitcher is on the mound when the run is scored. An ERA below three is considered decent.

RBI (Run Batted In) - unlike cricket, in baseball hitters are not rated by the number of runs they score. Instead, they are rated by the number of runs that score because of their actions. For example, if a hitter puts the ball in play and the runners on second base and third base get to home plate, then the hitter is awarded two RBIs, no matter whether he goes on to score a run or not. Two players, Jim Bottomley (Cardinals) and Mark Whiten (also the Cardinals) hold the RBI record in a single game of twelve.

RISP (Runners in Scoring Position) - when a hitter comes to the plate, if there are runners on second base, third base or both, then they are considered to be in 'scoring position'. Hitters who regularly put the ball in play with RISP are highly coveted.

You could fill an entire dictionary with unique baseball terms such as triples, walks and outfield flies but the more you get into the sport, the more familiar you will be with baseball's unique terminology.

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