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James Molloy
By James Molloy
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The NBA (National Basketball Association) has long been a regular component of the international sports market. It is enjoyed by millions of fans in hundreds of countries around the world, which also makes it highly popular with sports bettors. Sportsbooks offer different NBA betting options, depending on their region, but most follow the same model when it comes to what’s available. Moneyline, spread and total (Over/Under) bets are always found, and there are also plenty of prop bet and futures betting options available, as well as the betting offers you would expect.

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Displaying Top Offers in USA

Commercial content notice: Taking up one of these offers may result in a payment to Over 21s only please gamble responsibly. Offers updated 26th May.

Best NBA Betting Sites

The NBA season always had 82 regular-season games until the 2019-20 season, when season was shortened. It ended in March 2020, instead of April, as was usually the case. The NBA restarted the season in Orlando, playing eight games before holding the first play-in tournament before the playoffs. The LA Lakers won the title that year, finishing the Miami Heat in six games.

The NBA shortened the 2020-21 season to 72 games, instead of 82, in order to put the regular calendar back in place. The 2021 NBA Finals concluded on July 20, with the NBA Draft taking place on July 29th. With everything back on track, NBA sportsbooks were able to start organizing their wager options, as well.

The NBA, like the NFL and the NHL sees activity through the entire winter. NBA games are always popular with sports bettors, second only to the NFL. All of the leading NBA betting sites post betting lines on free agency, preseason, playoffs and NBA Finals futures bets, giving bettors something throughout almost the entire year. In the same way NFL betting sites do. has compiled a list of our favorite online sportsbooks for NBA betting. Our detailed review of the best NBA betting sites offers an extensive list of options where sports bettors can make the most out of their bets, and take advantage of bonuses and more. We also provide additional resources so bettors can learn everything they can about how to win money betting on NBA games.

Naturally, at we want to give you the best, so we only recommend the best. For us to recommend any betting site that offers NBA betting, it must excel in the following criteria:

  • Site is easy to use

We’ve all encountered sites that make you feel like you’ve disappeared down a rabbit hole into a dimly-lit labyrinth. If we feel that way about a site we encounter, then we are not going to recommend it – it really is as simple as that! Sites must be easy to use and the information you are looking for on them should be easy to find. In addition, when it comes to placing a bet, we think three clicks is enough. If you get sore fingertips placing a bet at a site, then we are not going to approve it. We are more likely to recommend an NBA betting site which offers a dedicated betting app than one which does not.

  • Variety of NBA Betting Markets

While it is true that most people who place bets on the NBA do so via the spread, the moneyline and over/under, not everyone wants to bet in the most common ways available. When it comes to NBA betting we like to see multiple options, including inventive handicap betting and players props available on all competitors. We like to see coverage of other basketball leagues too, such as those in Europe and Asia.

  • International Basketball offerings outside the NBA

Having access to multiple basketball leagues (such as EuroLeague, Spain’s Liga ACB, Germany’s BBL) is great, but online sportsbooks also have to give bettors a wide range of other markets, as well. These need to be as detailed as the NBA offerings, or the sportsbook will lose points and won’t make it on our list.

  • Competitive NBA betting bonuses are a plus

Online NBA sportsbooks need to offer something beyond lines and markets. They likewise need to offer extra rewards and incentives to be more appealing. These options may include free bets, enhanced odds specials, money back specials or parlay bonuses. In the event that doesn't discover enticing bonuses or promos at a particular online sportsbook, it won’t make the grade. There is more data about NBA rewards from top to bottom further down this guide.

  • Consistency between regions served

At, we realize that sports betting is popular all over the world. The NBA markets and basketball odds in general at a particular betting site should be the same no matter where the bettor is located. Whether you're at the game or sitting on the other side of the world, your betting experience should be similarly excellent. Similarly, a betting app which is available worldwide is a huge plus, though this may not always be possible due to regional restrictions.

  • Multiple payment method options are necessary

NBA betting sites are no different to any other betting sites in so far as they should have a wide range of accepted payment methods. If a betting site has a very limited selection of banking options, it would be seen as a big negative. Some of the most popular payment methods a betting site will usually accept are Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Skrill and Neteller. Of course, there are many more available and the bigger the list of options at a basketball betting site, the more likely we are to recommend them.

Finding the right NBA Betting Site

You may be sweating about finding the right NBA betting site, but we can tell you right now that you can grab a towel and dry yourself off as have done the hard work for you. We consider it our task to hunt down all sites that offer NBA betting and give them a thorough examination. If we conclude our investigation with a smile on our faces, then you can be sure we’ll be recommending the site we’ve just picked apart.

Features of the best NBA Betting Sites

We’ve already touched on a few aspects of online betting sites for the NBA that we think are essential – ease-of-use, available markets, and a plethora of payment methods to name but three … but what else is there?

For a start, only a few people who bet on the NBA bet solely on the world’s greatest basketball league, or on basketball full stop. That’s why the best NBA betting sites give access to the NFL, NHL, MLB and even Major League Soccer betting markets too. Global markets are important in order to serve people who like betting on truly international sports such as online tennis betting and golf betting. Even quirky sports such as cricket, rugby (union and league) and volleyball should be covered.

Betting tools are another great option, allowing you to create parlay, round robin and accumulator bets as easy as placing a moneyline bet on the Lakers to beat the Bulls. How about social tools, that let you instantly brag about your wagering success on Twitter or Instagram? Or account data that allows you to view your betting profits and losses with just a click of a button?

We consider all this and more during our evaluation of any NBA betting site. Check out our best picks section for some great NBA picks from our experts throughout the NBA season.

Comparing Top NBA Betting Sites

So, you’ve found out how we decide which NBA betting sites make it on to our approved list, but how do we decide upon the site hierarchy? In short, which sites make it to the top of our ranking list, and which will you find further south?

Well, it’s just like ranking your favorite movies. You probably have a set of criteria for ranking them – acting, script, music, special FX, plot … and we have the same for NBA betting sites! We score every recommended site based on a set of criteria and create a grand total via the sum of all those sub-totals. High scoring sites make it to the top of the list, and lower scoring ones … well, they’ve got a bit of work to do!

NBA Betting Stats

Stats can really help your NBA betting, whether it's before the game starts on in-play. Many of the best NBA betting sites offer details stats in play, showing live scores broken down by quarter, the amount of fouls and some even have live player stats. This can really help give you a more rounded picture of everything before you place your NBA bets. Free throw stats, 3-pointer stats and player minutes played are just some of the useful pieces of information you might find in an NBA betting site's stats section.

NBA Betting Bonuses and Promo Codes

You’d be a very rare cookie indeed if you didn’t like getting something for free. The best NBA betting sites almost universally offer a betting bonus, and the very best offer ongoing bonuses for dedicated customers. Sign up and the bonus is yours! More often than not, this will be in the form of a free bet, but other welcome bonuses may be available. Don’t forget if a betting promo code is offered to make sure you type it into the required box on the registration or deposit screen.

You’ve probably seen our advice about bonuses above. The bonuses offered by our recommended sites are perfectly legitimate, but we examine each one that we encounter anyhow. We look for unfriendly terms or conditions, such as unrealistic wagering expectations or time limits that are simply impossible to achieve. There will pretty much always be terms attached to any site's betting welcome offers.

As an added service, we carefully review every bonus we find that we think you might be interested in and explain in easy-to-understand terms all the crucial pieces of information you need to know about them.

Basketball Betting Odds

NBA Betting Odds

The NBA is the top level in American basketball. Much like how there are plenty of ways to score points in basketball, bettors have vast choices when it comes to betting on the NBA. The very best players in the world ply their trade in the NBA, with college NCAAB players seeing it as the place to be when they finish college. 30 teams play games from October to April, battling it out for the NBA Championship.

EuroLeague Betting Odds

The EuroLeague is to basketball what the Champion’s League is to soccer. It’s the top league in Europe, with the best European clubs qualifying for the finals each year. The teams play EuroLeague games across Europe during the week, but participate in their own countries' leagues on the weekends. The league has 16 teams, and the season typically runs from October to April.

Spain's Liga ACB Betting Odds

The ACB (Asociación de Clubs de Baloncesto) was formed in 1957, and has been dominated through the years by just two teams - the same way European soccer has often been dominated by the same two teams. FC Barcelona and Real Madrid have combined for 51 of the 60 titles the league has presented since its inception. There are now 17 teams in the league, with Real Madrid the current defending champion, and the schedule runs from October to May.

Germany's Basketball Bundesliga League

The Germany's Basketball Bundesliga (BBL) is a mid-tier European basketball league, but has some of the best players in Europe. It is also extremely well-funded and has found significant support from basketball fans. There are 18 teams in the top league in Germany, with the season running September to May. The high level of competition makes it a popular sport to wager on with Germany betting sites.

Australia's National Basketball League League

Australia’s National Basketball League (NBL) was inaugurated in 1979 and has seven teams from Australia and one from New Zealand. With betting on games popular on Australia betting sites. It hasn’t been as popular in the country as in other areas, but there is discussion that the NBL could expand into China, where basketball is extremely popular. The season begins in October and runs through February.

Global Online NBA Betting Guide

NBA Betting USA

We probably do not need to explain to you the previous pains sports bettors faced in the USA. To bet on sports you had to either take a trip to Las Vegas or use some ‘less than 100 percent legitimate’ offshore betting site. Even if you did find a such a site, getting money into your betting account was another hurdle you were forced to negotiate.

Happily, times are changing. An increasing number of states are embracing sports betting and permitting NBA betting at properly licensed sports betting sites. New York sports betting, Maryland sports betting and Michigan online sports betting sites are now well up and running. At the time of writing around 60 percent of US states have legalized licensed sports betting, and while 100 percent of (we are looking at you, Utah) NBA fans will not be able to access United States sports betting sites, the majority have genuinely never had it so good.

For NBA betting and all sports betting information, check out our individual state pages. And during the NBA season, our experts will chose the best valued selections for you in our Check out our best picks section.

NBA Betting UK & Ireland

Basketball simply is not as popular in the UK and Ireland as other American sports, and in particular the NFL. The ball and hoop game pales into insignificance when compared to football (or soccer as it is known in a few regions of the world), and there is only minimal interest in the UK’s basketball league. However, most UK-facing sports books do offer betting on the NBA, as well as the major European leagues.

NBA Betting Europe

Away from the UK, basketball does hold significant interest in several European countries including Russia, Spain, Turkey, Germany and Italy. Naturally basketball fans in these countries and others in Europe have an interest in their favorite sport beyond their native shores and are likely to follow the NBA too. Sites that offer betting opportunities to people in Europe always have vibrant basketball betting sections, including extensive coverage of the NBA.

NBA Betting South America

Like many other regions football is king in South America, but basketball does have a solid presence in many countries - in particular Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Venezuela. Basketball fans in South America hold a keen interest in the NBA, although until relatively recently sports betting (legal sports betting anyhow) was problematic. Just like North America though, the attitude to online sports betting is changing and it is becoming an evolving part of South American life. So far, only Columbia has legalized sports betting but other countries such as Chile have said they are examining the possible legalization of sports betting too, so you can expect other South American countries to start to follow the same path.

NBA Betting Asia

Basketball betting is a huge market in Asia, as basketball is a very popular sport in this expansive continent. China, the Philippines, Iran, South Korea and Japan all have first-class basketball leagues, and you can throw Australia into this mix too. Because of the prevalence of these leagues, interest in the NBA in Asia is not as wide-ranging as you might expect (certainly when compared to MLB), but all sites that offer sports betting to people in Asia will offer NBA betting to some degree.

NBA Betting Africa

There is a basketball presence in Africa, although it is not a popular in Africa as it is in Asia or of course, North America. The inter-country basketball league in Africa – the BAL – was only established in 2019, and consists of qualifying teams from Egypt, South Africa, Nigeria and a handful of others. Interest in the NBA in Africa is minimal also, but most sites that offer sports betting to people in Africa (the legal status of sports betting in Africa is … tricky …) will offer betting on the major NBA markets.

NBA Betting Middle East

All forms of gambling are definitely prohibited throughout the Middle East with a few exceptions, mainly in nations that have a strong interest in attracting tourists to the area. There is interest in basketball in the region, but that’s mainly centered in Saudi Arabia, with Jordan and Syria being bit players. NBA betting barely exists in the Middle East, but sites open to accepting bettors from the region will no doubt offer NBA betting opportunities.

With regards to placing your best NBA bet on the web, you will go over an enormous choice of various markets to browse. This applies to both pre-match and in-play betting, where the range of NBA betting markets can be huge. Understanding them all will make it simpler to choose which options are better for specific games. Not each of the choices can be found at all sportsbooks, since there might be a few limitations based on geographic area or different guidelines.

NBA Moneyline

A moneyline bet is the most straightforward bet there is in NBA betting. It is simply a bet on which team will win the game. Unless there are odds listed for the tie, this betting market will usually include overtime. You are likely to find very short odds from time to time in the moneyline market, since overwhelming favorites are quite common. With that, spread betting is often seen as a more popular betting option.

NBA Spread

The point spread is an “equalizer” attached to the NBA betting lines. Two teams are rarely equal in a game, so the spread provides a level of balance that gives bettors good reason to bet on one team or the other.

In order to win a point spread bet on an NBA game, if betting on the favorites, the team must win by the point spread listed. In other words, if they are -3.5, they must win by four or more points. However, if you wager on the underdogs at +3.5, they must either win the game or lose by less than the point spread. It doesn’t matter if they win by just one point or 15.

NBA Totals (Over/Under)

While betting on the totals market (also shown as the Over/Under), you are betting on whether the total number of points scored in the game will be higher or lower than the number that the sportsbook has picked, which is known as the line. If the Over/Under is 215, for example, the combined final score is expected to be approximately that, and bettors place their bets expecting the final score to be more than or less than that amount. Different bookmakers may have different rules regarding it, but generally, overtime will be included.

NBA Props

Prop bets are bets which typically don't involve finding the winner of a game. You might bet on the number of 3-pointers made, or a particular player's total points. Many of the best NBA bookmakers will have a huge range of prop bets on every game, so the possibilities for betting options will seem endless.

NBA Parlays

Parlay bets aren't as complicated as they seem. It's a case of picking more than one selection, in separate events, and betting that they will all win. In the US, they are called parlays, on UK betting sites they are called accumulators.

Parlay betting on NBA games can be rewarding, as it gives bettors a chance to combine selections from different games to make a bet with enormous odds. Nonetheless, the catch is that all pieces of the parlay bet (called legs) need to win for the bet to pay out. If just one of the legs loses, the whole bet loses. If you're a seasoned NBA bettor, chances are you have placed one of these before.

Halftime NBA Betting

Halftime bets are really simple, and have their own point spread, Over/Under and moneyline betting markets. Just remember – you are betting on the first half of the game only. Anything that happens in the second half does not affect your bet.

Live & In-play NBA Betting

Live and in-play basketball betting involves placing your bets while the game is taking place. A popular market found in in-play betting is quarter betting, where you are placing your bet on the amount of points scored in the quarter that is currently in progress.

NBA Enhanced Odds

Enhanced basketball odds bets are something everybody likes. This is when the NBA bookmaker offers increased odds for a particular bet. It might be a small increase, like from 3/1 to 7/2, or you might find even bigger. Many NBA betting sites offer huge enhanced odds specials for new customers too.

NBA Futures

Futures are long-term bets that, as the name suggests, happen in the future. Predicting the champion of the NBA Championship Finals at the beginning of the season is one example. Others include betting on the Eastern Conference or who will win the NBA MVP award. The odds associated with futures bets are generally high at the beginning of the season, which means the payout can be significant if you win.

With so many options to choose from, the hardest part of placing an NBA online bet might be finding the winner. Hopefully, as done the rest of the work for you.

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