Best NFL Betting Sites & Bookmakers

The NFL is one of the four major professional sports leagues in North America in which people can wager on with USA sports betting, and is the highest professional level of American football in the world. The league’s eighteen-week regular season begins in early September and ends in early January or early February, followed by the playoffs, conference championships and the Super Bowl. It then starts all over again with the draft, and there has been a growing popularity in NFL draft betting in recent times. During the season, teams play seventeen games each and have one bye week. NFL betting has always been hugely popular, and that popularity has grown since states began to legalize sports betting in 2018.

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Commercial content notice: Taking up one of these offers may result in a payment to Over 21s only please gamble responsibly. Offers updated 26th May.

Best NFL Online Betting Sites


The NFL was founded in 1920 as the American Professional Football Association (APFA) prior to renaming itself the National Football League for the 1922 season. After at first deciding champions through the standings at the end of the season, the playoff system was implemented in 1933 which finished with the NFL Championship Game until 1966.

Following an agreement to consolidate the NFL with its rival American Football League (AFL), the Super Bowl was first held in 1967 to decide a champion between the best teams from the two leagues. Today, the NFL has the most elevated normal participation of any elite athletics association in the world and is the most popular sports league in the US.

The Super Bowl is among the most popular sporting events in the world, with the single game representing a large number of the most-watched TV programs in American history. It is also the most bet on sporting event in the US. All of this has made the NFL the wealthiest pro athletics association by revenue, as well as the sports league with the most expensive teams. This means interest in online sports betting only continues to increase.

The NFL comprises 32 teams separated into two conferences consisting of sixteen teams(the AFC and the NFC). Each of these is divided into four divisions of four teams (North, South, East and West). During the normal season, each group is permitted a limit of 55 players on its roster, with only 48 of these eligible to play on game days. Each team can likewise have a twelve-player practice crew separate from its primary roster.

Each NFL team is allowed a franchise, approval from the NFL for the team to work in its home city. This establishment covers “Home Territory” and “Home Marketing Area.” Each NFL franchise has the selective right to host football games inside its Home Territory and the exclusive right to publicize, market and host events in its Home Marketing Area. There are some exceptions, however, as in the case of California, which has several teams in close proximity to one another. maintains a rundown of our favorite online sportsbooks for NFL wagering. Our list of the best NFL sportsbooks offers a detailed overview of choices where sports bettors can get the best bang for their buck, availing of welcome bonuses and more. We also provide useful guides, stats and advice to help bettors win while betting on NFL.

Before can recommend an NFL bookmaker, there are certain things it must have:

  • A user-friendly site

Few things are more annoying than opening a new betting account and then finding the site to be difficult to use. Any good sports betting site should be easy to navigate, run smoothly and be secure. This applies to all devices, with sportsbooks looked upon more favorably if they offer a betting app which can be used across a range of mobile devices.

  • Access to multiple NFL betting markets

Before we can include a bookmaker on our list of recommended NFL betting sites, they need to have a wide range of NFL betting markets. moneyline, total points and spreads are the bare minimum. Player props, touchdown scorer betting and alternative lines are hugely beneficial. If the sportsbook doesn't have these, it doesn't justify a place on our list.

  • International product offerings outside the NFL

Being able to wager on various football leagues (like the Canadian Football League and the Liga de Fútbol Americano Profesional in Mexico) is a bonus; however, online sportsbooks likewise need to provide bettors with a wide selection of different markets from those leagues too. It's rare to find quite the same variety of markets, as the NFL is by far the most popular American Football league in the world, but having other leagues available to bet on is nice to have. Likewise, its great to have a wide variety of different sports to bet on outside of American football. For instance, people can visit NBA betting sites, the best MLB betting sites and soccer betting sites.

  • Competitive NFL betting promos are a huge plus

Online NFL sportsbooks need to offer something past lines and markets. Different NFL bookmakers will have different specials and promotions. These may include early payouts, enhanced odds or same game bet builders. Regardless of what the extra perk is, having something focused specifically on NFL will score a bookmaker points with us.

  • Consistency between regions served

NFL betting is popular all over the world. With that being said, a sportsbook should offer the same great NFL betting product to bettors in every corner of the globe. No matter where you are, if betting on NFL is legal, you should have access to the same promotions, NFL odds and betting options as anyone else.

  • Multiple payment methods

No two bettors are the same and that applies to their banking options too. Some might prefer to use a Visa or Mastercard, some will use an e-wallet like Skrill, Neteller or Paypal, while others will opt for the more modern option of using a cryptocurrency. It is hugely important for an NFL bookmaker to accept a variety of banking methods in order to keep more of their customers satisifed.

  • NFL betting on mobile

Online NFL betting is available at many of the best online sportsbooks on mobile devices. Some bookmakers will offer a dedicated mobile app, while others will allow you to place your bets via your mobile device's browser. Being able to place your bets on mobile is a huge plus.

Finding the Right NFL Betting Site

Finding the best NFL online betting site is simple - Bookmakers has pretty much done all of the research for you. We have researched and reviewed the best sports betting sites from around the world, rating them on our criteria and discarding those that fail to meet the level we accept. Only the sportsbooks which survive our scrutiny are added, and any of them can be trusted to offer a best in class sports betting experience.

NFL Betting Site Features

We've referred to NFL betting sites’ need for having a wide choice of sports already, but there are other factors that also should be included for an online sportsbook to stand out. Social sharing is one, allowing players to share their wagering achievements with others. It has become a popular feature, and the best sportsbooks now include it.

Whether or not you plan on using them right away, you should consider your options with regards to a bookmaker's stats and tools. These are excellent ways to improve your betting and make more informed decisions when placing an NFL bet, and they're certainly something you should look out for.

Comparing the Top NFL Betting Sites

We have spent a long time scrutinizing the best NFL betting sites so you don't have to. That said, nothing beats getting a first hand experience of something. You should never feel tethered to one betting site. If you have an account and you want to try something new, it's just a case of opening a new account with another of our recommended NFL betting sites.

NFL Betting Stats

Many serious NFL bettors like to do their own handicapping. This allows them to see where there might be a big discrepancy between what a sportsbook is offering and what they expect in terms of NFL odds. Plenty of top NFL bookmakers will have a stats section on their site which can be used by bettors while placing their bets. This is sometimes available in the pre-match betting market but is more commonly found in the live betting section. Bettors will often have access to player stats, team stats and get a general feel for what might be expected in the game.

NFL Betting Bonuses & Promo Codes

NFL bonuses and promotions are run by sportsbooks to attract new customers. Often, this will be in the form of a free bet or other betting offers once you place a qualifying bet. Other times, a promo code will be required and you may receive a bonus based on your first deposit. New NFL bettors may also be lucky enough to find a huge NFL enhanced odds special as a welcome bonus.

Prior to hoping to availing of any NFL welcome bonus, you should inspect the terms and conditions in full. A "qualifying bet" is frequently expected to get the full value of a free bet or a matched deposit bonus. Nonetheless, this might change based on regional laws and regulations, the sportsbooks’ policies or other factors.

Beginning the online NFL betting experience with a free bet or deposit match bonus (deposit $20 and the sportsbook gives you $20 in bonus funds) is a great way to get started, and using them in conjunction with the other factors mentioned here - NFL betting stats, a recommended NFL bookmaker, etc - is sure to increase your entertainment value.

American Football Betting Odds

NFL Betting Odds

The NFL is the top-level league in American football. Because of the attention it receives, sportsbooks offer a massive amount of options for sports bettors. The best online sportsbooks allow users to organize the information how they want, making it easier to follow the odds and place bets. NFL odds can be displayed in one of three formats - US, decimal or fractional - and the best NFL sportsbooks include an option to configure how the odds appear.

Throughout the NFL season, our gridiron experts will provide the best NFL picks which will be included in our best bets section.

Canadian Football League Betting Odds

The Canadian Football League (CFL) is Canada’s alternative to the NFL. It is the highest level of competition in Canadian football and is similar to the NFL, but with some significant differences. The league contains nine teams, each located in a city in Canada, that are divided into two divisions. There are four teams in the East Division and five teams in the West Division.

The CFL has a 21-week regular season consisting of 18 games for each team and runs from mid-June to early November. That is followed by the playoffs, leading to the Grey Cup championship game in late November.

Just like with the NFL, online sportsbooks provide lines and odds on CFL games. They also include a number of additional betting markets, including parlay and prop bets. Because the Grey Cup is one of the most-viewed sports events in Canada, it attracts a lot of attention from people visiting Canada sports betting sites. However, it wasn’t until 2021 that Canada legalized sports wagers beyond parlay bets, which means more betting options will be included once sportsbooks begin opening their markets.


College football is supported as feverishly in some parts as the NFL. For many fans, it's a chance to see the next future NFL superstar in action. The NCAA football season runs parallel to the NFL season, culminating in the National Championship which takes place in January.

Many NFL bookmakers will offer odds for selected NCAAF games, though the range of markets available will not be the same as NFL games. Moneyline, total points and spread betting will generally be available to place bets on, but other markets like player props generally will not be. 

Liga de Fútbol Americano Profesional Betting Odds

The Liga de Fútbol Americano Profesional (English: The Professional American Football League) is a football league in Mexico. It was founded in 2016 with four teams and later expanded to eight. The championship game is the Tazón México (Mexico Bowl), and it is currently played on the second Sunday in May.

Betting on Liga de Fútbol Americano Profesional is available on some sportsbooks, but is not found on all of them. Sports betting is legal in Mexico, which makes it easier to access game data in the country that can be used by sportsbooks.

IFAF Asia Profesional Betting Odds

The IFAF Asia (International Federation of American Football Asia) has nine members, while the Asia-Pacific Football League, founded in 2016, includes the winners from leagues in China, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia. American football has continued to grow in popularity and has also found a home with online sportsbooks.


Depending on which NFL sportsbook you use, you will find a huge range of NFL betting markets to choose from. Understanding them all will simplify things when it comes time to pick which bets are best for specific games. Not all of the options can be found at all sportsbooks, since there may be a couple of limits based on geographic region or various rules.

NFL Moneyline

Moneyline is the most straightforward NFL bet there is. It is simply a bet on which team will win the game. Generally, overtime will be included. This will be a two selection market, with no option to back the tie. In the unlikely event the game does end in a tie, moneyline wagers will be settled as a push.

NFL Spread

The point spread is an "equalizer" appended to the NFL wagering lines. Two teams are rarely on the same level in a game, so the spread gives a degree of equilibrium that provides bettors with valid justification to wager in one team or the other.

To win a point spread bet on an NFL game, if wagering on the top picks, the team should win by the point spread recorded. If the favorite team has a spread of -7, it needs to win by at least eight points. If the underdog is listed with a spread of +7, that team has to either win the game (by any number of points) or lose by less than seven points.

NFL Totals (Over/Under)

While wagering on the totals market (likewise displayed as the Over/Under), you are wagering on whether the complete number of points scored in the game will be higher or lower than the number that the sportsbook has posted. For example, if the Over/Under is 32, an “Over” bet assumes the total score at the end of the game will be 33 or more; an “Under” score assumes a final score of 31 or less. If the final score is 32, it’s a push and bettors are returned their bet, but don’t win or lose anything else.

NFL Props

Prop bets are wagers which have nothing to do with the winner of an NFL game. They revolve around different stats and events that can occur during the game, such as how many touchdowns a player will score, how many yards a quarterback will throw for and who will score the first points of the game.

Player prop wagers are a popular way to bet on football, as there are often hundreds to choose from, so bettors who look hard enough will find great value.

NFL Parlays

Parlay bets are those that include different picks from at least two games to make one larger bet. The more picks you select for your parlay bet, the bigger your odds, which means potentially a larger payout if it wins.

Parlay wagering on NFL games is important, as it allows bettors an opportunity to join various bets from different games to make a bet with huge potential returns. However, the catch is that all legs of the parlay bet need to win for the bet to pay out. In the event that only one of the legs loses, the entire bet loses. 



A teaser is a type of NFL bet that enables bettors to adjust the points spread to their liking. However, this also means the payout will be lower. While not quite as popular as NFL spreads, teasers are one of the more prominent NFL betting markets.


An if-bet is a type of parlay bet that carries a conditional action. Bettors bet on two or more teams in whatever order and, if the first team loses, the bet stops (just like with all parlay bets). However, if the team wins, the bet continues to the second game and, if the team selected in the bet for that game wins, the payout is much higher than if two separate bets had been placed on the two games.

Live & In-play NFL

Live and in-play NFL betting is the act of placing a bet on an NFL game as it’s being played. An example of this could be wagering in a team to score a touchdown on the next play, or a certain wide receiver to be thrown the ball. Live betting is available each NFL gameweek, during the NFL playoffs and of course in the Super Bowl with the best sports betting sites.

NFL Futures

Futures are sports bets that won't be settled for quite some time, as they're generally based on the entire season - the winner of a conference or the Super Bowl, for example. Before any action has taken place in the NFL season, you are likely to find bigger odds for the favorites than you would a few weeks into the season, when more is known about each team..


Global Online NFL Betting Guide

NFL Betting USA

NFL betting in the US has reliably been very popular, yet legitimized sports betting in the US wasn't. The US entered the worldwide sports betting market in 2018 when the Supreme Court struck down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA). That sufficiently ended a limitation on states' ability to endorse sports betting.

As of October 2021, there are, as of now in excess of 30 states (in addition to Washington, DC) that have either introduced lawful sports betting or that are in some period of approval. New Jersey was the first state to authorize sportsbooks after PASPA was repealed, but New York, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Arizona and others have introduced their own sports betting markets, as well. Many offer legal online sports betting, but several have chosen to limit their options to land-based operations only.

NFL wagering in the US is simply set to turn out to be more popular as online US sportsbooks find the specialized degree of European partners that have been in presence for quite a long time.

Use our quick links below for information on NFL betting and other sports available for betting in your state.


NFL Betting UK & Ireland

NFL one of the fastest growing sports in terms of popularity in the UK and Ireland. So much so that up to four NFL regular season games take place in London every year. Talks are ongoing about bringing a regular season game to Germany in the coming seasons, which could encourage people to use Germany betting sites for the NFL action. Online sports betting, particularly in the NFL, has always been popular here, but in recent years, as the sport's fanbase has grown, interest in regular season NFL betting has skyrocketed. Many of the best online bookmakers in the UK and Ireland have weekly NFL enhanced odds and promotions built around the sport.

NFL Betting Europe

The NFL has a notable presence in Europe, although it isn't as well-known as many other other sports. European bettors continue to show an increased interest in NFL betting, but it might take some more time for it to truly be regarded as one of the more popular sports for betting. With the time difference, and games often taking place in the middle of the night, watching the games live can be tricky in Europe.

NFL Betting South America

Online betting laws vary hugely across all South American countries. Two or three countries, including Brazil and Ecuador, prohibit gambling, other than their state lotteries (As of October 2021, Brazil is pursuing online sports wagering and iGaming laws). In different countries, it isn't formally organized; however, it isn’t specifically banned in others.

Notwithstanding, sports betting is enormously well-known all through South America, and all major sportsbooks cover NFL games. In addition to Mexico having a professional American football league of its own, the NFL also organizes league games in the country each year, increasing the access to NFL betting.

NFL Betting Asia

American football has never been tremendously popular in Asian countries. However, it has gained traction over the past few years. Interest in using NBA betting sites has grown massively in Asia in recent times and perhaps NFL betting won't be far behind.

NFL Betting Africa

While guidelines and rules change by international betting sites sports wagering, in general, is becoming increasingly accepted in Africa. Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo rank among the African nations where sports betting is most popular, with South Africa arguably where it's most popular.

The guidelines of some African nations grant huge sportsbooks from Europe to direct local operations authorized by the Malta Gaming Authority. European sportsbooks have offered NFL games for quite a long time, but the sport has never really challenged rugby when it comes to capturing bettors' attention.

NFL Betting Middle East

Typically, casino, sports wagering, and online gambling are not permitted throughout the Middle East. In any case, as long as new online iGaming operators are used, less stringent laws apply. Casino software developers and providers in the Middle East are constantly authorizing their games and platforms to iGaming operators outside the region, since these can provide online betting options to the Middle East without difficulty. NFL betting isn't something which is regarded as super popular in the Middle East, but interest in the sport is gradually increasing all over the world, and the Middle East is no different. That said, with strict anti-gambling laws and cultures in many Middle Eastern countries, it may take quite a bit of time for NFL betting to gain real traction.

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