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If you're looking for the latest key betting data and stats for the Buffalo Bills, you've come to the right place. Bookmakers have pulled together all the most essential betting data to help you win your bets. This includes a selection of the best NFL betting sites and the odds they are offering for Bills games. 

The Buffalo Bills were perennial postseason contenders in the 1990s and 2000s. They were the most successful in 1990-93 when they appeared in four consecutive Super Bowls. However, they lost all four which remains a very unwanted record.

The Bills were back in postseason contention in the late 2010s, but have not been back to the Super Bowl since losing to the Cowboys in Super Bowl XXVIII. The hope in Buffalo is that with rising star quarterback Josh Allen, the Bills can finally get back to the big game. The closest they've come to that, was losing the AFC Championship game in January 2021. 

Bills fans are among the most devoted in the league, with tailgating including the now traditional jumping off trucks into tables. Imagine what their fans would do if they ended up being top of the table in the NFL?  

Buffalo Bills Betting Promo Codes & Offers

When you place a bet on the Buffalo Bills, make sure you verify that the site or NFL betting app is licensed and trusted. Also, be sure to confirm the conditions of any promo offers before you place any bets. There are often incentives and promo codes offered by sportsbooks in the form of new customer betting offers during the NFL season. Make sure to take a close look to see which codes can be used for Bills games and if they are, they will be highlighted on this page and our NFL coverage of the Buffalo Bills during the busy NFL months.

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Make sure you check the expiration dates of any promo codes that apply to Bills games. All promotional codes and associated codes are only valid during the specified periods set by the online sportsbooks. Some may be season long, same may be game specific or sport specific of course and they can vary from time to time. Check for expiration dates, so you don't miss any deals or promotions that the betting site offers.

Buffalo Bills Betting Odds

When it comes to all Bills games, Bookmakers will of course display the latest betting odds and betting stats on Bills games right here. We will also review every all the leading best NFL betting sites to ensure that you have the best user experience, sign up process and betting options available for Bills games. Bookmark this page and visit it every time you make any bets when it comes to the NFL and the Buffalo Bills. All Bills odds are updated regularly whether it’s game day or not. Check out the best prices for Buffalo Bills' next game below:

Buffalo Bills Betting Stats

The Buffalo Bills stats page has the most accurate and complete information available about the team. provides all the stats and data necessary to help users make informed decisions about their bets whether it’s Quarter Back stats or catching stats and rushing yards..

Buffalo Bills Player Stats

After many years in the wilderness, the Buffalo Bills are back as one of the teams to beat in the AFC. After going 17 seasons without a playoff appearance, the Bills have a roster that is good enough to see them challenge the rest of the conference to make it to the Super Bowl. Follow each player's stats here which includes touchdown scorers, and leaders in passing, rushing and receiving which will be very useful when betting on the Bills with your chosen NFL betting site.

Buffalo Bills Game Stats

You really don't need to go anywhere to get your fix of Bills betting data. Bookmakers will provide all the information that can turn your bets into winning ones. This will include data from this season and from seasons in the past that can highlight certain trends. 

Quarterback Stats

Josh Allen needs to have a good season if the Bills are to be Super Bowl contenders. Check out his stats here which can be useful for NFL player props:

Wide Receiver Stats

The following statistics are being put up by Bills' wide receivers.

Running Back Stats

Bills' running backs are hitting their stride. Here are their stats if you want to use them before making NFL picks:

Buffalo Bills News

Every day is a news day in the NFL with injuries and suspensions a big part of the sport. Keep in the loop with who is likely to make the NFL lineups for then next game right here. Even when there is no game for the Bills, the news will continue to come. 

Buffalo Bills to Win the Super Bowl

Bills fans have had to live with losing four successive Super Bowls in the 1990's for over 25 years. They will hope the next time they get to the championship game, they break their voodoo and finally get their hands on the Vince Lombardi Trophy. Josh Allen is good enough to get them to the Super Bowl, but he needs those around him to step up. 

Here are the Buffalo Bills Super Bowl odds for 2022:

NFL - Super Bowl 57 - Winner
Friday 12th August 2022
% Chance
Buffalo Bills 14.29% 6/1 7.00 +600
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 12.50% 7/1 8.00 +700
Kansas City Chiefs 9.09% 10/1 11.00 +1000
Los Angeles Rams 9.09% 10/1 11.00 +1000
Green Bay Packers 7.69% 12/1 13.00 +1200
Los Angeles Chargers 6.67% 14/1 15.00 +1400
Denver Broncos 6.25% 15/1 16.00 +1500
San Francisco 49ers 5.88% 16/1 17.00 +1600
Cincinnati Bengals 5.26% 18/1 19.00 +1800
Baltimore Ravens 5.26% 18/1 19.00 +1800
Dallas Cowboys 4.76% 20/1 21.00 +2000
Philadelphia Eagles 3.85% 25/1 26.00 +2500
Indianapolis Colts 3.85% 25/1 26.00 +2500
Cleveland Browns 3.45% 28/1 29.00 +2800
Arizona Cardinals 3.23% 28/1 31.00 +3000
Tennessee Titans 3.23% 28/1 31.00 +3000
New Orleans Saints 2.78% 33/1 36.00 +3500
Miami Dolphins 2.78% 33/1 36.00 +3500
New England Patriots 2.78% 33/1 36.00 +3500
Las Vegas Raiders 2.78% 33/1 36.00 +3500
Minnesota Vikings 2.44% 40/1 41.00 +4000
Washington Commanders 1.49% 66/1 67.00 +6600
Carolina Panthers 1.47% 66/1 68.00 +6700
Seattle Seahawks 1.23% 80/1 81.00 +8000
Pittsburgh Steelers 1.23% 80/1 81.00 +8000
New York Giants 1.23% 80/1 81.00 +8000
Jacksonville Jaguars 0.99% 100/1 101.00 +10000
Chicago Bears 0.99% 100/1 101.00 +10000
Detroit Lions 0.99% 100/1 101.00 +10000
Atlanta Falcons 0.79% 125/1 126.00 +12500
New York Jets 0.79% 125/1 126.00 +12500
Houston Texans 0.57% 175/1 176.00 +17500
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Buffalo Bills Odds to Win the AFC

It's been a while since the Bills were considered one of the favorites to win the AFC, but the team has built a roster over the last few years to be just that. It's a tough conference to win, but the disappointment of missing out on making it to Super Bowl LV will be a driving force for them this season. Can the Bills win the AFC? Here are their latest odds:

NFL - AFC Conference - Winner
Friday 12th August 2022
% Chance
Buffalo Bills 22.22% 7/2 4.50 +350
Kansas City Chiefs 16.67% 5/1 6.00 +500
Los Angeles Chargers 11.11% 8/1 9.00 +800
Denver Broncos 11.11% 8/1 9.00 +800
Baltimore Ravens 10.00% 9/1 10.00 +900
Cincinnati Bengals 10.00% 9/1 10.00 +900
Indianapolis Colts 7.69% 12/1 13.00 +1200
Cleveland Browns 6.67% 14/1 15.00 +1400
Tennessee Titans 6.25% 15/1 16.00 +1500
Miami Dolphins 5.26% 18/1 19.00 +1800
Las Vegas Raiders 5.26% 18/1 19.00 +1800
New England Patriots 5.26% 18/1 19.00 +1800
Jacksonville Jaguars 2.44% 40/1 41.00 +4000
Pittsburgh Steelers 2.44% 40/1 41.00 +4000
New York Jets 1.41% 70/1 71.00 +7000
Houston Texans 1.23% 80/1 81.00 +8000
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Buffalo Bills Odds to Win the AFC East 

For years, the AFC East was dominated by Tom Brady's New England Patriots. But now that Brady is no longer in the division, the Bills have stepped up to make the division their own. Can they continue to rule the east this season? 

Here are the Buffalo Bills' AFC East odds:

NFL - AFC Division East - Winner (reg. season)
Friday 12th August 2022
% Chance
Buffalo Bills 69.25% 4/9 1.44 -225
Miami Dolphins 20.00% 4/1 5.00 +400
New England Patriots 16.67% 5/1 6.00 +500
New York Jets 4.76% 20/1 21.00 +2000
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