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You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for information on Chicago Bears betting odds or stats. It’s also the place to be for the latest Chicago Bears betting offers. We’ve put everything on one page and even provide details on additional resources which can be used for betting on the Bears, player props and more. The betting offers listed at our top best NFL betting sites can be used for betting on Bears games or on a futures market on the 2022 season.

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The Chicago Bears are one of only two NFL founding NFL franchises who still exist today, with the other being the Arizona Cardinals. Since being founded, the team has enjoyed its share of success as well as endured plenty of heartache. One win from two Super Bowl appearances may be seen as underachieving for one of the league’s oldest teams. A lot of this can be attributed to them playing in a traditionally tough NFC North.

The Bears are owned by Virginia Halas McCaskey and player their home games at famous Soldier Field.  After years of trying to replace Jay Cutler as the team’s franchise quarterback, they may have finally managed to do it with Justin Fields. The sophomore showed some flashes in his rookie season and will be hoping to progress this year and lead the team to success.

Chicago Bears Betting Promo Codes & Offers

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Chicago Bears Betting Odds

We scour the globe to find the best odds from the best NFL betting sites. We won’t just pick one betting site and provide odds from there. Instead, we will present odds from many of the world’s best NFL betting sites so you can spot the value. 

If you bet on the Bears frequently, bookmark this page as it will always show the latest odds for the next Chicago Bears game. That way, you’ll be just one click away from seeing if they’re favorites or underdogs for their next game.

Chicago Bears Betting Stats

Bears betting stats are a useful tool for placing smart bets on NFL betting apps. Here at Bookmakers, we give you everything you need on our NFL team pages. We provide team stats overall as well as stats for specific positions. With these Bears stats, you can find an edge at betting sites. Placing well-informed bets is the key to success.

Chicago Bears Player Stats

If you’re going to placing a player prop bet or any bet on the Chicago Bears with the NFL betting site of your choice, it’s best to know how the players have been performing. Have they been running or passing more often? Who has been lighting it up? Use all of our data to make your NFL picks more informed. Every piece of extra research you do improves your chances of winning, and we give you everything you need right here.

Chicago Bears Game Stats

The Bears have some long-storied rivalries. The Green Bay Packers, Detroit Lions and Minnesota Vikings are their NFC East rivals, and the games between the sides can be quite heated. Whether it’s a divisional game, regular season game on playoff game, knowing the full picture courtesy of our Bears stats is invaluable.

Quarterback Stats

Justin Fields will likely change how the Bears offense looks in 2022. Here are his stats which could benefit you greatly if NFL player props are a preferred bet:

Wide Receiver Stats

Check out how the Chicago Bears wide receivers are performing before making your NFL picks:

Running Back Stats

The Bears are expected to have a run-heavy offense in 2022. Here’s how their stats stack up:

Chicago Bears News

Here you’ll find the latest Chicago Bears news. Whether it’s trades, injuries or signings, you’ll find it here. We also have a separate page for NFL starting lineups news.

Chicago Bears to Win the Super Bowl

The Bears have appeared in the Super Bowl twice, most recently in 2006. Winning is part of their history, having been crowned world champions in 1985. They will be looking to add the next chapter to that storied history in 2022. Here are the latest Super Bowl odds for the Chicago Bears:

NFL - Super Bowl 57 - Winner
Friday 12th August 2022
% Chance
Buffalo Bills 14.29% 6/1 7.00 +600
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 12.50% 7/1 8.00 +700
Kansas City Chiefs 9.09% 10/1 11.00 +1000
Los Angeles Rams 9.09% 10/1 11.00 +1000
Green Bay Packers 7.69% 12/1 13.00 +1200
Los Angeles Chargers 6.67% 14/1 15.00 +1400
Denver Broncos 6.25% 15/1 16.00 +1500
San Francisco 49ers 5.88% 16/1 17.00 +1600
Cincinnati Bengals 5.26% 18/1 19.00 +1800
Baltimore Ravens 5.26% 18/1 19.00 +1800
Dallas Cowboys 4.76% 20/1 21.00 +2000
Philadelphia Eagles 3.85% 25/1 26.00 +2500
Indianapolis Colts 3.85% 25/1 26.00 +2500
Cleveland Browns 3.45% 28/1 29.00 +2800
Arizona Cardinals 3.23% 28/1 31.00 +3000
Tennessee Titans 3.23% 28/1 31.00 +3000
New Orleans Saints 2.78% 33/1 36.00 +3500
Miami Dolphins 2.78% 33/1 36.00 +3500
New England Patriots 2.78% 33/1 36.00 +3500
Las Vegas Raiders 2.78% 33/1 36.00 +3500
Minnesota Vikings 2.44% 40/1 41.00 +4000
Washington Commanders 1.49% 66/1 67.00 +6600
Carolina Panthers 1.47% 66/1 68.00 +6700
Seattle Seahawks 1.23% 80/1 81.00 +8000
Pittsburgh Steelers 1.23% 80/1 81.00 +8000
New York Giants 1.23% 80/1 81.00 +8000
Jacksonville Jaguars 0.99% 100/1 101.00 +10000
Chicago Bears 0.99% 100/1 101.00 +10000
Detroit Lions 0.99% 100/1 101.00 +10000
Atlanta Falcons 0.79% 125/1 126.00 +12500
New York Jets 0.79% 125/1 126.00 +12500
Houston Texans 0.57% 175/1 176.00 +17500
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Chicago Bears Odds to Win the NFC

As two-time NFC Champions, the Bears will be hoping to win it for the first time in over a decade this season. The NFC Champions have won the last two Super Bowls, so it’s a good omen. Here are the odds for the Bears to win the NFC.

NFL - NFC Conference - Winner
Friday 12th August 2022
% Chance
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 25.00% 3/1 4.00 +300
Los Angeles Rams 19.05% 17/4 5.25 +425
Green Bay Packers 18.18% 9/2 5.50 +450
San Francisco 49ers 11.11% 8/1 9.00 +800
Dallas Cowboys 10.53% 17/2 9.50 +850
Philadelphia Eagles 6.67% 14/1 15.00 +1400
Arizona Cardinals 6.67% 14/1 15.00 +1400
New Orleans Saints 6.25% 15/1 16.00 +1500
Minnesota Vikings 5.26% 18/1 19.00 +1800
Washington Commanders 3.45% 28/1 29.00 +2800
Carolina Panthers 2.94% 33/1 34.00 +3300
New York Giants 2.44% 40/1 41.00 +4000
Seattle Seahawks 2.44% 40/1 41.00 +4000
Detroit Lions 1.96% 50/1 51.00 +5000
Chicago Bears 1.96% 50/1 51.00 +5000
Atlanta Falcons 1.64% 60/1 61.00 +6000
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Chicago Bears Odds to Win the NFC North

The Green Bay Packers have had a stranglehold on the NFC North recently. The Bears will be hoping to topple them, the Vikings and Lions and take the division crown. Here are the odds for the Bears to win the NFC North: