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Cincinnati Bengals

Head Coach Zac Taylor
Offensive Coordinator Brian Callahan
Defensive Coordinator Lou Anarumo
Stadium Paul Brown Stadium

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The Cincinnati Bengals are an established NFL franchise based in Cincinnati, Ohio, that competes in the American Football Conference (AFC) North Division. The team was founded as a member franchise of the American Football League (AFL) by the legendary former Browns coach, Paul Brown, in 1966. The Bengals played their first-ever season in 1968.

Brown furthered his legacy as head coach of the Bengals, leading the team from 1968-75 and winning two division titles in that span. His teams produced Hall of Famer Charlie Joiner, along with legendary coaches like Don Shula, Bill Walsh, and Chuck Noll. 

Following the Paul Brown era, the Bengals saw some success in the 1980’s, advancing to the Super Bowl in 1981 and 1988. Unfortunately, they were unable to win either game, with both losses coming at the hands of the San Francisco 49ers. 

Today, the Bengals are a team on the rise, building around the core of Joe Burrow, the first overall pick in the 2020 Draft, as well as wide receiver and college teammate Ja’Marr Chase. The dynamic duo have helped wake a sleeping giant of the giant, and the Bengals not only reached the playoffs for the first time in seven seasons, they made it to Super Bowl LVI, only to be beaten by the Rams. 

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Cincinnati Bengals Betting Odds

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Cincinnati Bengals Betting Stats

This detailed statistics page based on Cincinnati Bengals is the perfect destination for you to discover the most relevant and important information you need when wagering bets on Bengals games. Having full knowledge of all these statistics and relevant data will help you make an informed decision on your wagering, resulting in great bets for you. The data curated by Bookmakers' expert team will help you in making better bets.

Offence 2022
Total YDS 5768
Passing YDS 4240
Passing YDS/G 265
Rushing YDS 1528
Rushing YDS/G 95.5
TFD 357
Defence 2022
Total YDS 5371
Passing YDS 3665
Passing YDS/G 229.1
Rushing YDS 1706
Rushing YDS/G 106.6
TFD 295

Cincinnati Bengals Player Stats

The Bengals have been a very inconsistent team in the NFL throughout their long history. They have experienced some real highs and have fallen to unforeseen lows as well. One year they have looked like a formidable force in the NFL, and the following season they are not even competing for playoffs. However, their loyal fans have stuck with them throughout this ride.

If you are betting on Bengal games on your favorite NFL betting site, consider the researched statistics shown below, such as the player parlays, TD scorers, and quarterback props, can give you much-needed data when considering your bet.

Cincinnati Bengals Game Stats

If you’re looking to wager on the Bengals running victoriously in a specific game against one of their AFC North or NFL rivals, you’ve come to the right place. Our expert team provides bettors with the best, carefully curated statistics and odds for your upcoming spread or money line.

Quarterback Stats

The Bengals’ starting QB has produced these numbers that can aid you with NFL player props:

Passing Stats 2022
CMP% 100
YDS 22
AVG 7.3
TD 0
LNG 13
Rushing Stats 2022
YDS -1
AVG -0.3
TD 0

Wide Receiver Stats

The Bengals’ wide receivers are now producing the following statistics:

Stats 2022
REC 15
YDS 231
AVG 15.4
TD 4
LNG 45

Running Back Stats

The Bengals’ running backs are now running the following numbers which could prove vital in terms of NFL picks:

Stats 2022
TD -
TD -

Cincinnati Bengals News

If you're looking to find the latest information involving the Bengals, then be sure to bookmark this page. It will help you figure out who will be making the starting NFL lineups with the latest inactive list and who's returning from injury or suspension. 

Cincinnati Bengals to Win the Super Bowl

The Bengals advanced to Super Bowl LVI which was their first championship game since 1988. The Bengals are a team on the up with smart Draft moves in recent years and they will hope their Super Bowl appearance was not a one-off. 

Here are the Cincinnati Bengals Super Bowl odds for 2022:

Cincinnati Bengals Odds to Win the AFC

The AFC is regarded as the strongest conference in the NFL with a number of Super Bowl contenders batting it out for supremacy. The Bengals hope to retain the Lamar Hunt Trophy and make it back to successive Super Bowls. Here are the latest odds for Cincinnati to win the AFC:

Cincinnati Bengals Odds to Win the AFC North

The AFC North is one of the best to watch with so many rivalries in place between all four teams. There is no love lost between any of them which makes it one of the most difficult divisions to win. The Bengals are the reigning champs and therefore, they are there to be shot at. 

Here are the Cincinnati Bengals AFC North odds: