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Detroit Lions

Head Coach Dan Campbell
Offensive Coordinator Ben Johnson
Defensive Coordinator Aaron Glenn
Stadium Ford Field

The Detroit Lions compete in the NFC North. The franchise was established in 1930 in Ohio, but then relocated to Detroit, Michigan, after extensive financial struggles. They were renamed Lions to mirror the MLB franchise in the city, the Detroit Tigers.

Like every NFL team, the Lions have their own betting page at Bookmakers which is devoted to Detroit's finest football team. Here you will find the best betting offers and the very latest statistics that should help you win future bets. 

On this page, you will find the best promo codes, odds, stats, and team sheets ahead of each Lions game. Lions betting bonuses will be highlighted here whenever they become available.

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The Lions won the NFL championships four times between 1935 and 1957, but none in the Super Bowl era. The Lions have largely failed to be a force to be reckoned with in the NFL in recent seasons with underwhelming season after another. The last time the Lions got past the NFC Wild Card game was in 1991 when they won their division and beat the Dallas Cowboys before losing to Washington in the NFC Championship game.

The lack of playoff success is a surprise throughout the majority of the 1990s when you consider they had one of the best running backs lining up behind the quarterback. Barry Sanders. When Sanders shocked the game by retiring in 1998, he was second only to Walter Payton in the NFL's all-time rushing yards. The Lions retired his #20 shirt in 2004 and Sanders, who rushed for over 1,000 yards in each of his 10 seasons in Detroit, was inducted into the Hall of Fame the same year.

However, the lack of a solid, reliable quarterback meant the Lions were one dimensional and while teams struggled to stop Sanders, they were able to limit their passing attack. After Sanders hung his cleats up, the struggles got worse for Detroit and they became the first team to go 0-16 during a season, accomplishing the dubious feat in 2008. 

That 2008 season was the second for wide receiver Calvin Johnson who put up massive numbers in his nine-season career in Detroit, before he retired in 2016. Johnson, or 'Megatron' as he was affectionately called because of his receiving skills, was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2021. Like many teams, the Lions have had some of the best players to place the game, but just not at the same time. 

The Lions continue to build a roster hoping it will bring some much needed success to Ford Field. Every so often they can upset the odds by beating better teams and as the saying goes, on any given Sunday, they can beat anyone. 

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Detroit Lions Betting Promo Codes, Odds & Stats

If you are looking for the latest betting odds, stats, promotions and bonuses relating to NFL betting and the Detroit Lions in particular, then you have come to the right place. has compiled everything you need to make a confident selection with the best online sports betting sites, whether that is for the Lions to win, or for one of their players to deliver on their NFL props. On this page, you will find the key betting data relating to the Lions as well as the line-up before each game. We will also highlight the best new customer betting offers that can be used on Lions games in the NFL.

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Detroit Lions Betting Odds

We wouldn't be doing our job at properly if we did not highlight the latest betting odds for Lions games with the best online betting sites. Whether they are favorites or underdogs, there will always be a market for you to bet on that could prove profitable and mean that you don't always have to bet against the Lions. If there is a Lions bet that you really like, we suggest checking out this page because the stats might just convince you that your bet is a good one, or whether it might be worth choosing another wager. Here are the best odds for the Lions' next game:

Detroit Lions Betting Stats

One of the joys of following the NFL, is the stats that play a vital role in the game. They highlight how well a Detroit player or team is doing, but they can also be used to win a bet or two. Certain Lions players might have better games against division rivals the Bears, Packers and Vikings and this knowledge is vital when planning to place a bet. 

Knowing data like this, cannot guarantee a winning bet, but having that extra information could be very helpful and increase your chances of landing a winning bet. The NFL is the perfect sport to make the most of live in-play betting because the gap between plays is long enough to place your bet.

Offence 2022
Total YDS 6460
Passing YDS 4281
Passing YDS/G 251.8
Rushing YDS 2179
Rushing YDS/G 128.2
TFD 376
Defence 2022
Total YDS 6670
Passing YDS 4179
Passing YDS/G 245.8
Rushing YDS 2491
Rushing YDS/G 146.5
TFD 377

Detroit Lions Player Stats

The beauty of NFL betting, is the variety of markets available to bet on. Even if the Lions are heavy underdogs, there is money to be made if you think they can cover the spread provided by your chosen online betting site. In the past, former players like Barry Sanders and Calvin Johnson would have been popular players to bet on both individually and in a parlay bet because they put up big numbers week after week.

Even if the Lions are struggling to register wins, finding the right player props could turn out to be very profitable. And it's not just offensive players who are worth considering for a bet or two. Defensive players can be backed to register sacks, intercept the quarterback and make tackles. So, it's worth noting which defensive player for the Lions has good games against certain teams and quarterbacks. So the more player stats you have, the better your chances of landing winning bets with your chosen NFL betting site.

Detroit Lions Game Stats

Are the Lions struggling to move the chains and pick up first downs? Do they run the ball more than they pass it? Is their defensive any good? All these questions are answered in our comprehensive Lions game stats section on We recommend you check this section out before placing any bets as we will provide you with historical statistics of games to inform you about your next spread or money line.

Quarterback Stats

Being the quarterback for the Lions has not been a great job in recent seasons. How are this year's QBs performing? Find out here:

Passing Stats 2022
CMP% -
TD -
Rushing Stats 2022
TD -

Wide Receiver Stats

The Lions' wide receivers have big footsteps to fill trying to emulate the achievements of Hall of Famer Calvin Johnson. Here are the latest stats for the Lions' receivers:

Stats 2022
YDS 15
AVG 7.5
TD 0

Running Back Stats

The Lions' running backs will always be compared to the great Barry Sanders. Find out who's impressing this season with these stats:

Stats 2022
ATT 23
YDS 102
AVG 4.4
TD 0
YDS 116
AVG 12.9
TD 0

Detroit Lions News

The more knowledge you have about a team, the better your chances of winning your bets. Knowing which players are likely to to included in the starting NFL lineups, can certainly help your chances. 

Detroit Lions to Win the Super Bowl

The Lions have an abysmal record of playing in the Super Bowl, as they have somehow never even reached one. They are the oldest American football team to never play in the Super Bowl, which is hardly a good look on them when someone wants to bet on them winning the Super Bowl this season. The chances of the Detroit Lions winning the Super Bowl are very slim, but you can consider the real-time odds for more clarity.

Here are the Detroit Lions Super Bowl odds for 2022:

Detroit Lions Odds to Win the AFC

The playoff record for the Lions is awful, and with just three playoff appearances since 2000, the team doesn’t appear headed in the right direction. During their 91 years of history, they have won only one playoff game, which is an astonishingly bad record.

However, if you are willing to bet on the Lions reaching the playoffs this season, there’s a shot at a massive payday. Still, you should look at the latest odds for the most accurate details. Here are the odds for the Lions to win the AFC:

Detroit Lions Odds to Win the NFC North

Detroit Lions fans have spent years watching the Packers, Bears and Vikings win their division, year after year, hoping their time to finish top of the NFC North is coming soon. The Lions' odds to win the NFC North will appear here when available: