Packers Betting, Odds and Stats

Green Bay Packers

Head Coach Matt LaFleur
Offensive Coordinator Adam Stenavich
Defensive Coordinator Joe Barry
Stadium Lambeau Field

If you love betting on you like the Green Bay Packers with the leading NFL betting sites, then this betting guide is for you. Here you will find everything you need to know about Wisconsin's finest. Competing in the NFC North with the Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions and Minnesota Vikings, the Packers have extra motivation to win the Super Bowl with the trophy named after the Packers legendary head coach Vince Lombardi. 

In this guide, you find everything from player and team stats to the best free bet offers and other welcome bonuses so you don't have to go anywhere else if you want to bet on the Packers. Check out our favorite NFL betting apps:


The Packers differ from the other 31 teams because they are owned by the fans, rather than one person or family. There are over 530,000 shareholders so team decisions are made by a board of directors. Most of the decisions they have made in recent years have been good decisions, although a fifth Vince Lombardi Trophy has escaped their grasp in recent seasons. 

Two of the best quarterbacks of the last 30 years has worn the green and gold colors and they are Brett Favre and his successor Arron Rodgers. Both have guided Green Bay to Super Bowl glory in their career ay Lambeau Field, named after another successful head coach in the rich history of the Packers.

Defensively, Green Bay has been the home of some of the best defenders including Hall of Famer Reggie White, regarded by many to be the finest defender ever to play in the NFL. The Packers know better than any team, that to win a Super Bowl, a team needs their offense, defense and special teams to be clicking in union. 

If you think this season is the season the Vince Lombardi Trophy returns to Title-town, the name given to Green Bay at the heights of their success in the past, then this page of the best NFL betting sites will provide everything needed to place informed bets.

Green Bay Packers Betting Promo Codes & Offers

Before making any bets on the Green Bay Packers, make sure you use a trusted and licensed best NFL betting site. Be sure to look for all applicable promotions and discounts linked to Packers games. Remember these promos and discounts are there for your use, so be sure to take them into account. Different sportsbooks will release various promo codes and new customer betting offers that come with benefits applicable to specific Packers games. Once again, don't miss out on maximizing your potential returns.

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Green Bay Packers Betting Odds

NFL betting continues to get bigger season after season which is why the leading online betting sites are keen to get your attention by offering various promotions to get you to open an account with them. These offer change all the time, as too do the odds being offered for Packers games. 

NFL betting provides more markets than many other sports so we suggest you take time to check out the odds on the Green Bay's next game thoroughly. There is nothing stopping you from having several accounts with different online betting sites. In fact, we recommend that as it means you can cash in on more promotions.

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Green Bay Packers Betting Stats

Few things go better than NFL betting and stats. Knowing where to find the best stats can help turn a bet into a winning one. This is the best place to find all the best key betting data for the Packers. Stats can indicate how well a team or player is doing and if they are ranked high up in certain categories, then they might be the one to consider when placing a bet with your chosen NFL betting site

While a wide receiver might be in great form according to Packers stats, they might be double-teamed by their opponent which could open things up for the number two receiver, or they could get injured, so being highly ranked does not guarantee a winning bet. 

It can do no harm at all to have access to as much betting data as possible because it can help you find a trend that could continue in their next game. In-play betting is perfect for NFL betting as there is plenty of time between plays to place a bet on what you thing might happen next. 

Offence 2022
Total YDS 5745
Passing YDS 3632
Passing YDS/G 213.6
Rushing YDS 2113
Rushing YDS/G 124.3
TFD 334
Defence 2022
Total YDS 5721
Passing YDS 3349
Passing YDS/G 197
Rushing YDS 2372
Rushing YDS/G 139.5
TFD 321

Green Bay Packers Player Stats

Player stats are a great way of seeing which players are playing at a very high level and which are not. If a running back is racking up 100-yard games against certain teams, like those who cannot stop teams from running the ball, then this is certainly a bet worth considering on your favorite NFL betting app

The same applies to receivers and quarterbacks and the best stats can be found in this Packers betting guide. To find out more about individual player stats, like TD scorers, player parlays & player props, check out the best and most recent information on Our Green Bay Packers player stats are shown as follows:

Green Bay Packers Game Stats

You have come to the right place if you want help on betting on the Packers during the regular season and possible playoff matchups. Checking out the game stats can highlight a trend or two that might lean someone to one bet or another.

Quarterback Stats

The Packers have a very rich history of successful quarterbacks. Here's this season's passing stats that could help you with NFL player props

Passing Stats 2022
ATT 542
CMP 350
CMP% 64.576
YDS 3695
AVG 6.8
TD 26
LNG 58
Rushing Stats 2022
ATT 34
YDS 94
AVG 2.8
TD 1
LNG 18

Wide Receiver Stats

Packers' wide receivers are producing the following numbers this season:

Stats 2022
YDS 17
AVG 17
TD 0
LNG 17

Running Back Stats

Packers' running backs are sprinting along with the following numbers:

Stats 2022
ATT 10
YDS 31
AVG 3.1
TD 0
YDS 17
AVG 17
TD 0

Green Bay Packers News

Who's available and who's the latest player to join the Injured Reserve list for the Packers? We'll provide the very latest news coming out of Lambeau Field for you, so you know who is likely to be named in the starting NFL lineups

Green Bay Packers to Win the Super Bowl

The Green Bay Packers have had quite brilliant season performances. With four Super Bowl championships and multiple conference and division titles, the team fails to remain out of the scope of potential playoff dominators. Therefore, the team will strive to stay with solid performances and aim towards making an appearance at Super Bowl LVI.

Here are the Green Bay Packers Super Bowl odds for 2022:


Green Bay Packers Odds to Win the NFC

A total of 16 teams set out to win the NFC Championship game, which means they will represent their conference in the Super Bowl. While it's not the trophy they ultimately want, it one they have to win the George Halas Trophy to have a chance of winning the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

The Packers have traditionally been one of the strongest and most consistent teams in the NFC and they will always be fancied to win the NFC. Here are their odds to win the NFC:

Green Bay Packers Odds to Win the NFC North

The Packers have dominated the NFC North winning the division more times than any other team in the last 20 years following the league's realignment following the inclusion of the last expansion team. 

Green Bay Packers NFC South odds will appear when available: