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The Indianapolis Colts play at the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indiana and are part of the AFC South alongside the Houston Texans, Jacksonville Jaguars and Tennessee Titans. The Colts have been one of the most successful teams in the AFC in the 21st century, with 15 playoff berths and a Super Bowl to their name.

The Colts moved to Indianapolis in 1984 having been known as the Baltimore Colts from 1953 before relocating to Indiana.

The Colts have had three Super Bowl appearances since the 1970 merger, a 16-13 win over the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowl V when they were playing in Baltimore. The second was a victory over the Chicago Bears in Super Bowl XLI at the end of the 2006 season. The third appearance was three seasons later, when they were beaten by Sean Payton's New Orleans Saints team.

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Indianapolis Colts Betting Odds

Bookmakers will provide you with the latest statistics and betting odds available for Colts games. Our odds are updated every hour of the day, so you can be sure you'll be getting the very latest prices on your chosen market no matter the time of day you are putting in your betting research.

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Indianapolis Colts Betting Stats

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Indianapolis Colts Player Stats

The Indianapolis Colts have been no strangers to the playoffs since the turn of the century. Having Peyton Manning and then Andrew Luck as your two starting quarterbacks during much of that period will help that. They won nine AFC South division titles, went to the playoffs 14 times and won a Super Bowl between 2000 and 2014. The team has been inconsistent since the retirement of Luck, but they are always contenders to make the playoffs due to their strong roster management.

Having access to the best stats on the team's quarterback, wideouts and running backs can help you when taking a look at the best NFL betting sites and NFL betting apps

Indianapolis Colts Game Stats

If you are interested in wagering on Indianapolis Colts games and want to see their historical record against a given opponent, or their record against AFC or NFC teams, you have come to the right place. Our historical game stats provide you with a basis with which to take on your next moneyline, spread or parlay bets when visiting looking to make NFL picks

Quarterback Stats

The Colts' starting quarterback has produced some intriguing results:

Wide Receiver Stats

The Colts' wide receivers have been reeling in passes for plenty of yards this season. and they could help your NFL player props:

Running Back Stats

The Colts' running backs have been productive this term:

Indianapolis Colts News

When making pre-match wagers, you'll want to know who is likely to be playing in the game with the NFL lineups information. Keep up to date with all team information on who has been limited in practice, who is on injured reserve and who is returning from injury. The Colts will keep fans and sports bettors alike informed all the way up to kickoff.

Indianapolis Colts to Win the Super Bowl

The Indianapolis Colts have been to the Super Bowl twice in the 21st century, and they will always have aspirations for more with their ambitious owner, Jim Irsay. Whether they have the team to compete for a Super Bowl in the uber-competitive AFC is another question, but they will surely have a puncher's chance.

Here are the team's Super Bowl odds:

NFL - Super Bowl 57 - Winner
Friday 12th August 2022
% Chance
Buffalo Bills 14.29% 6/1 7.00 +600
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 12.50% 7/1 8.00 +700
Kansas City Chiefs 9.09% 10/1 11.00 +1000
Los Angeles Rams 9.09% 10/1 11.00 +1000
Green Bay Packers 7.69% 12/1 13.00 +1200
Los Angeles Chargers 6.67% 14/1 15.00 +1400
Denver Broncos 6.25% 15/1 16.00 +1500
San Francisco 49ers 5.88% 16/1 17.00 +1600
Cincinnati Bengals 5.26% 18/1 19.00 +1800
Baltimore Ravens 5.26% 18/1 19.00 +1800
Dallas Cowboys 4.76% 20/1 21.00 +2000
Philadelphia Eagles 3.85% 25/1 26.00 +2500
Indianapolis Colts 3.85% 25/1 26.00 +2500
Cleveland Browns 3.45% 28/1 29.00 +2800
Arizona Cardinals 3.23% 28/1 31.00 +3000
Tennessee Titans 3.23% 28/1 31.00 +3000
New Orleans Saints 2.78% 33/1 36.00 +3500
Miami Dolphins 2.78% 33/1 36.00 +3500
New England Patriots 2.78% 33/1 36.00 +3500
Las Vegas Raiders 2.78% 33/1 36.00 +3500
Minnesota Vikings 2.44% 40/1 41.00 +4000
Washington Commanders 1.49% 66/1 67.00 +6600
Carolina Panthers 1.47% 66/1 68.00 +6700
Seattle Seahawks 1.23% 80/1 81.00 +8000
Pittsburgh Steelers 1.23% 80/1 81.00 +8000
New York Giants 1.23% 80/1 81.00 +8000
Jacksonville Jaguars 0.99% 100/1 101.00 +10000
Chicago Bears 0.99% 100/1 101.00 +10000
Detroit Lions 0.99% 100/1 101.00 +10000
Atlanta Falcons 0.79% 125/1 126.00 +12500
New York Jets 0.79% 125/1 126.00 +12500
Houston Texans 0.57% 175/1 176.00 +17500
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Indianapolis Colts Odds to Win the AFC

The AFC looks an extremely tough division to get out of to compete for a Super Bowl. With lots of elite quarterbacks, the Colts will have to produce defensively to reach the pinnacle of the sport. Here are their odds to win the AFC.

NFL - AFC Conference - Winner
Friday 12th August 2022
% Chance
Buffalo Bills 22.22% 7/2 4.50 +350
Kansas City Chiefs 16.67% 5/1 6.00 +500
Los Angeles Chargers 11.11% 8/1 9.00 +800
Denver Broncos 11.11% 8/1 9.00 +800
Baltimore Ravens 10.00% 9/1 10.00 +900
Cincinnati Bengals 10.00% 9/1 10.00 +900
Indianapolis Colts 7.69% 12/1 13.00 +1200
Cleveland Browns 6.67% 14/1 15.00 +1400
Tennessee Titans 6.25% 15/1 16.00 +1500
Miami Dolphins 5.26% 18/1 19.00 +1800
Las Vegas Raiders 5.26% 18/1 19.00 +1800
New England Patriots 5.26% 18/1 19.00 +1800
Jacksonville Jaguars 2.44% 40/1 41.00 +4000
Pittsburgh Steelers 2.44% 40/1 41.00 +4000
New York Jets 1.41% 70/1 71.00 +7000
Houston Texans 1.23% 80/1 81.00 +8000
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Indianapolis Colts Odds to Win the AFC South

The Colts missed the playoffs in 2019 and 2021, but they are always well fancied in the AFC South to make some noise. This year is likely to be no different with the odds reflecting what people are thinking of the team's chances this year.

Odds on the Colts winning the AFC South will appear then they are available.