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Los Angeles Chargers

Head Coach Brandon Staley
Offensive Coordinator -
Defensive Coordinator Renaldo Hill
Stadium SoFi Stadium

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The L.A. Chargers were formed in 1960 and after playing one season in Los Angeles moved to San Diego. Returning to Los Angeles ahead of the 2017 season. The Chargers  have been one of the stronger teams in the NFL in recent times, but despite this have only made one Super Bowl appearance. Competing in the title game in 1994. Several Chargers in recent history are headed for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. LaDainian Tomlinson was inducted in 2017, and teammates Phillip Rivers and Antonio Gates may be joining him soon.

One of the biggest Chargers rivalries has been both historical and divisional, with the Oakland Raiders now the Las Vegas Raiders. They have previously occupied the same state but now occupy the same division. They will both be aiming to win the AFC West along with the Denver Broncos and Kansas City Chiefs.

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Los Angeles Chargers Betting Stats

The Los Angeles Chargers stats page is where you can find the most important information and complete details about the team and individual players. Take all of data and use it when deciding on your next bets to increase the chances to make the smarter play ahead of the next game when making your NFL picks. By doing this, not only is there an edge you will find when playing your hand, but it will gain you more confidence in your bets.

Offence 2022
Total YDS 6108
Passing YDS 4584
Passing YDS/G 269.6
Rushing YDS 1524
Rushing YDS/G 89.6
TFD 352
Defence 2022
Total YDS 5884
Passing YDS 3406
Passing YDS/G 200.4
Rushing YDS 2478
Rushing YDS/G 145.8
TFD 318

Los Angeles Chargers Player Stats

The LA Chargers have produced more than a few hall of fame players over the years. If you are interested in knowing what players are taking the most credit and who is leading the team’s performances, this is exactly where you need to look when you need this information at hand. This information is particularly useful if you decide to bet on NFL player props.

Los Angeles Chargers Game Stats

When a big game is coming up, and you need specific historical data. How the team has behaved in similar scenarios and situations. You can always consult this page and get ready to take on the best bet. This information on this page will allow you to place your moneyline or spread bets on the game with confidence.

Quarterback Stats

Justin Herbert is in his third season as Chargers’ starting QB. Is he maintaining the standard set in the first two years?

Passing Stats 2022
ATT 12
CMP% 66.667
YDS 52
AVG 4.3
TD 1
LNG 13
Rushing Stats 2022
TD 0

Wide Receiver Stats

Keenan Allen has been the number one receiver for the Chargers in recent seasons. Find out if he still leads the team.

Stats 2022
TD -

Running Back Stats

Austin Ekeler took over the starting RB spot when Melvin Gordon left for the Broncos. Is he still the go to option?

Stats 2022
ATT 69
YDS 287
AVG 4.2
TD 2
REC 14
YDS 101
AVG 7.2
TD 0

Los Angeles Chargers News

The latest Chargers news from the accounts that know the team the best are shown here. However, if you’re only looking for up to the minute lineup information then check our NFL lineups page for Los Angeles Charges probable starters.

Los Angeles Chargers to Win the Super Bowl

The Chargers are making great progress towards a Super Bowl challenge with their young QB under centre. At this moment, there is no doubt that the Chargers are a very dangerous team in the NFL. This has grown expectations of a possible Super Bowl win, check out the latest odds here, which can be found on the best NFL betting apps.

Los Angeles Chargers Odds to Win the AFC

The Chargers sit in a tough division in an even tougher conference. If they are to go to the Super Bowl, they will need to outlast everyone else in the AFC. Here are the latest odds for the Chargers to win the AFC:

Los Angeles Chargers Odds to Win the AFC West

The LA Chargers are in a stacked division and will need a stellar season to take the AFC West title. They enter the season as second favorites for the division behind the Kansas City Chiefs. Latest odds can be found here.

AFC West odds will appear here when available.