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If you’re looking for the latest New England Patriots stats, odds and betting information, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Bookmakers, we’ve put all the information you need on the Patriots in one place. Whether you’re looking for NFL lineups, NFL stats or anything Patriots related, we have it here. We’ve even found the best betting offers, which can be used on NFL betting.

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Since their foundation in 1959 as the Boston Patriots, the New England Patriots have carved out a legacy as one of the most successful teams in NFL history. In fact, their six Super Bowl wins is matched only by the Pittsburgh Steelers. Their historic success is often pinned down to two reasons - all time great quarterback Tom Brady and being in an often weak AFC East division alongside the Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins and New York Jets.

With the Tom Brady era now behind us, head coach Bill Belichick and co.’s fate is now largely in the hands of Mac Jones. After a relatively successful rookie season, the young quarterback is expected to continue to progress and bring success back to New England.

New England Patriots Betting Promo Codes & Offers

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New England Patriots Betting Odds

Bookmakers provides the latest betting odds for Patriots games at top NFL betting apps and sites. We review different sportsbooks in real-time and post them on the site to make sure bettors get the best value out of their bets. If you’re a Patriots fan or plan on betting on the them, bookmark this page so you will always have Patriots odds at your fingertips.

New England Patriots Betting Stats

The New England Patriots stats page is where you will find all the information you need before placing your bets. If you’re placing an NFL player prop bet, you can find all the information here as we list all Patriot player stats here by position. At Bookmakers, our Pickfinder even provides NFL picks, which are updated on site when new ones are available.

New England Patriots Player Stats

The Brady-Belichick era might be over, but quarterback Mac Jones will be hoping to create his own legacy in New England. His passing accuracy in his rookie year was notably impressive, while the young running back tandem of Damien Harris and Rhamondre Stevenson will be hoping their young legs can carry the Patriots to success. We’ve got full Patriots’ stats available here so bettors can see how players have been doing prior to placing the NFL player prop bet.  

New England Patriots Game Stats

Whether there’s an AFC East divisional game coming up, or a game against another AFC rival, it’s best to know how the Patriots have been performing. We’ve got stats for all Patriots positions right here, so you don’t have to look for them anywhere else before placing your bets. 

Quarterback Stats

These are the latest passing stats for the Patriots starting quarterback:

Wide Receiver Stats

Based on the most recent data for the Patriots' wide receivers, these are their stats:

Running Back Stats

The Patriots' running backs came into the season without many miles on the clock. Here’s how they’re performing:

New England Patriots News

For the latest New England Patriots news, rumors and lineups, see below. Check out our NFL lineups page for details from across the NFL relating to injuries, suspensions and more. 

New England Patriots to Win the Super Bowl

It may seem like a long time ago, but the Patriots were Super Bowl champions as recently as 2019. Tom Brady has since left for Tampa Bay, so the responsibility now lies with Mac Jones. They have won six Super Bowls in their history, tied most with the Steelers, so winning is in their DNA. 

Here are the New England Patriots Super Bowl odds for 2022:

NFL - Super Bowl 57 - Winner
Friday 12th August 2022
% Chance
Buffalo Bills 14.29% 6/1 7.00 +600
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 12.50% 7/1 8.00 +700
Kansas City Chiefs 9.09% 10/1 11.00 +1000
Los Angeles Rams 9.09% 10/1 11.00 +1000
Green Bay Packers 7.69% 12/1 13.00 +1200
Los Angeles Chargers 6.67% 14/1 15.00 +1400
Denver Broncos 6.25% 15/1 16.00 +1500
San Francisco 49ers 5.88% 16/1 17.00 +1600
Cincinnati Bengals 5.26% 18/1 19.00 +1800
Baltimore Ravens 5.26% 18/1 19.00 +1800
Dallas Cowboys 4.76% 20/1 21.00 +2000
Philadelphia Eagles 3.85% 25/1 26.00 +2500
Indianapolis Colts 3.85% 25/1 26.00 +2500
Cleveland Browns 3.45% 28/1 29.00 +2800
Arizona Cardinals 3.23% 28/1 31.00 +3000
Tennessee Titans 3.23% 28/1 31.00 +3000
New Orleans Saints 2.78% 33/1 36.00 +3500
Miami Dolphins 2.78% 33/1 36.00 +3500
New England Patriots 2.78% 33/1 36.00 +3500
Las Vegas Raiders 2.78% 33/1 36.00 +3500
Minnesota Vikings 2.44% 40/1 41.00 +4000
Washington Commanders 1.49% 66/1 67.00 +6600
Carolina Panthers 1.47% 66/1 68.00 +6700
Seattle Seahawks 1.23% 80/1 81.00 +8000
Pittsburgh Steelers 1.23% 80/1 81.00 +8000
New York Giants 1.23% 80/1 81.00 +8000
Jacksonville Jaguars 0.99% 100/1 101.00 +10000
Chicago Bears 0.99% 100/1 101.00 +10000
Detroit Lions 0.99% 100/1 101.00 +10000
Atlanta Falcons 0.79% 125/1 126.00 +12500
New York Jets 0.79% 125/1 126.00 +12500
Houston Texans 0.57% 175/1 176.00 +17500
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New England Patriots Odds to Win the AFC

The Patriots hold the record for most AFC conference wins, with 11. They remarkably played in eight consecutive AFC Championship games in the 2010’s. Here are the New England Patriots AFC odds for 2022:

NFL - AFC Conference - Winner
Friday 12th August 2022
% Chance
Buffalo Bills 22.22% 7/2 4.50 +350
Kansas City Chiefs 16.67% 5/1 6.00 +500
Los Angeles Chargers 11.11% 8/1 9.00 +800
Denver Broncos 11.11% 8/1 9.00 +800
Baltimore Ravens 10.00% 9/1 10.00 +900
Cincinnati Bengals 10.00% 9/1 10.00 +900
Indianapolis Colts 7.69% 12/1 13.00 +1200
Cleveland Browns 6.67% 14/1 15.00 +1400
Tennessee Titans 6.25% 15/1 16.00 +1500
Miami Dolphins 5.26% 18/1 19.00 +1800
Las Vegas Raiders 5.26% 18/1 19.00 +1800
New England Patriots 5.26% 18/1 19.00 +1800
Jacksonville Jaguars 2.44% 40/1 41.00 +4000
Pittsburgh Steelers 2.44% 40/1 41.00 +4000
New York Jets 1.41% 70/1 71.00 +7000
Houston Texans 1.23% 80/1 81.00 +8000
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New England Patriots Odds to Win the AFC East

The Buffalo Bills and Josh Allen may have established themselves as the new alpha in the AFC East, but Bill Belichick is likely to have a plan to get the Patriots back to the top of the division. With the Dolphins and Jets also making moves to position themselves for divisional success, it could be wide open.

Here are the New England Patriots AFC East odds for 2022:

NFL - AFC Division East - Winner (reg. season)
Friday 12th August 2022
% Chance
Buffalo Bills 69.25% 4/9 1.44 -225
Miami Dolphins 20.00% 4/1 5.00 +400
New England Patriots 16.67% 5/1 6.00 +500
New York Jets 4.76% 20/1 21.00 +2000
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