NFL Starting Lineups for This Week & Latest Injury Reports

At 53 NFL players, the roster of an NFL team is one of the biggest in any professional sport. Add the game's physical nature that results in frequent injuries, and you’ll find it hard to keep up with the most updated lineups. But worry not, as you can always find the most updated NFL lineups with So, bookmark this page and visit us whenever you want to have the latest lineup information, including starting lineup, injury reports and the player pool of each team before thinking of visiting NFL betting sites

NFL Starting Lineups 2022

So, what exactly can you expect from our NFL lineups page? You’ll find the predicted starting offensive unit for every NFL team’s upcoming game. Our experts focus on offensive players to benefit bettors looking to place prop bets or create their Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) teams. This includes quarterback, wide receiver, running back, tight end and kicker positions.

We also include any injured NFL players, injury status and any suspensions enforced by the league. All the data we use is the latest and most accurate data available to help you make your own projections before placing bets at NFL betting apps.

Choose date
Spread -2.5
O/U O 35.5
Line --
today, 6:00pm
Detroit Lions vs Atlanta Falcons Player Props
Spread -1.5
O/U O 36.5
Line --
today, 7:00pm
Jacksonville Jaguars vs Cleveland Browns Player Props
Spread -2
O/U O 31
Line --
today, 7:30pm
Cincinnati Bengals vs Arizona Cardinals Player Props
Spread -1
O/U O 35.5
Line --
today, 7:30pm
Philadelphia Eagles vs New York Jets Player Props
Spread -2.5
O/U O 35.5
Line --
today, 8:30pm
San Francisco 49ers vs Green Bay Packers Player Props
Spread -2.5
O/U O 37
Line --
tomorrow, 1:00pm
Washington Commanders vs Carolina Panthers Player Props
Spread --
O/U O 37.5
Line --
tomorrow, 1:00pm
Chicago Bears vs Kansas City Chiefs Player Props
Spread 1.5
O/U O 36
Line --
tomorrow, 4:00pm
Buffalo Bills vs Indianapolis Colts Player Props
Spread -3.5
O/U O 36.5
Line --
tomorrow, 7:00pm
Pittsburgh Steelers vs Seattle Seahawks Player Props
Spread 1
O/U O 30.5
Line --
tomorrow, 7:30pm
Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Miami Dolphins Player Props
Spread 1.5
O/U O 33.5
Line --
tomorrow, 8:00pm
Houston Texans vs New Orleans Saints Player Props
Spread -3.5
O/U O 31.5
Line --
tomorrow, 9:00pm
Denver Broncos vs Dallas Cowboys Player Props
Spread -3.5
O/U O 30
Line --
tomorrow, 10:00pm
Los Angeles Chargers vs Los Angeles Rams Player Props

NFL Daily Lineups

Anything can happen during an NFL practice, including significant injuries. A player could finish a game on Sunday perfectly fine and be out for the season by the next game day. The coaching staff can also make tweaks to how they value their players throughout the season based on performances.

That’s why it’s so vital that we keep our NFL starting lineups right up to date. We display the latest lineups for every NFL team as soon as the information is released by the team, the NFL or trusted sources so your sports betting visits will be armed with the most recent news.

NFL Injury Reports

The NFL is one of the most physical sports leagues in the world, so players get injured frequently. A star player missing a few games can significantly impact a team’s season and in turn how you might place wagers with the best NFL betting sites. The NFL injury report provides weekly updates for every team in the league. This includes information on every injured player, including whether they took part in practice and how involved they were. 

Our NFL betting experts get a lot of information from these reports every week. We also report injuries before the NFL site, using the latest and most accurate information.

NFL Depth Chart

Our NFL starting lineups include the expected NFL depth charts for every team’s upcoming games. NFL teams feature a lot of rotation during matches due to the game’s physical demands and injuries. Knowing which players are likely to get on the field will let you place better NFL bets when visiting online sports betting sites. Thanks to our depth charts, getting the latest information is easy as you can see every player in offensive skill positions and how each team ranks them. You can find out who’s the top wide receiver or the starting quarterback with just a glance.

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NFL Prop Bets

One of the most popular types of NFL betting in American Football is prop betting. With a prop bet, you’re wagering on the individual performance of players in a game. For example, you can bet on how many touchdowns a wide receiver may score in a game.

NFL lineups are crucial for any smart NFL prop bettor. Knowing which players are going to play and if they are carrying any injuries will let you place better wagers, particularly if you’re making use of any free bets.

NFL Picks

Bettors who want the latest betting picks for the NFL should check out our NFL picks page. This page features moneyline, spreads and player props tips for upcoming NFL games. Our picks page is updated with data from our NFL lineups page, so our betting tips are based on the latest information. You know you can wager smartly when up-to-date facts and figures back up our tips and any pick we make. 

NFL Daily Fantasy Sports

Daily Fantasy Sports let you compete in daily and weekly competitions to build the team of best performing players in major sports leagues like the NFL. You’re given a budget to buy players for your team. Your players get points based on their game performances, with extra points for yards gained and touchdowns scored. 

DFS players can enter a variety of leagues and competitions with different prizes. If you finish with enough points in that competition, you win a share of a money prize pool. Most DFS games are free, but you can also join paid leagues.

Some of the biggest USA sports betting sites provide NFL DFS games like DraftKings and FanDuel, which you can access through your sports betting account. Some independent operators provide just DFS lineup options for major league sports like Monkey Knife Fight and SuperDraft. DFS is also available at some UK betting sites, Ireland betting sites and those in Canada and New Zealand.

NFL Lineup Optimizer

Knowing which players are available for every game is beneficial for your DFS games. Knowing which players are playing at full strength or which players might step in for an injured star will help you gain points. You can use our NFL lineup optimizer to work out which players to include in your DFS teams.

Finding the latest team news as soon as possible is incredibly useful for fantasy football. It lets you make informed trade requests before other players. You can construct the best team possible by getting top performers from our NFL lineup optimizer. 

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