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Chicago Blackhawks

Few teams can match the recent successes of the Chicago Blackhawks. With a once-in-a-lifetime run of achievements, the Blackhawks have reignited a love of hockey in the city that has been steadily burning for almost a century. On this page, we intend to do justice to such a historic franchise by keeping you up to date on all things Blackhawks.  ...more less

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Chicago Blackhawks Team Stats

If this page had existed back in 2012-13, when Chicago were wire-to-wire winners of the Stanley Cup, sweeping aside all comers in as dominant a Cup win as you are ever likely to see, then it would have made for some interesting reading. Why? Because here you’ll find all of the most important stats to inform your next wager with NHL betting apps. Whether you are more interested in the overall team numbers, or you prefer to drill down further into the individual player statistics, we have you covered from all angles. And although we may never see the likes of those 2012-13 numbers again, there is still every reason to stay up to speed on the latest stats, if you are intending to place a bet with USA sports betting sites on an upcoming game.

Year 2023
GP 70
GF/G 2.47
A 281
PTS 454
PPG 34
PP% 16.6
S 1868
S% 9.3
PIM 621
PK% 76.6
SO% 44.4

Chicago Blackhawks Player Stats

Make sure you check out the latest Chicago Blackhawks goalie stats before thinking about your wagers on US betting apps

Chicago Blackhawks Goaltending Stats

Season 2023
GP 6
GS 6
L 1
GA -
GA/G 2.8
SA 191
SV 174
SV% 0.911
SO 0
TOI/G 363:30

This season's Chicago Blackhawks' skating stats could be the difference between a winning and losing wager: 

Chicago Blackhawks Skating Stats

Season 2023
GP 3
GS 0
L 1
GA 2
GA/G 0
SA 0
SV 0
SV% 0
SO 0
SO 0
SO -
TOI/G 11:41

Chicago Blackhawks Betting Offers & Promo Codes

What better way to bet on a Chicago Blackhawks victory than if you can find betting offers to use on the games to boost your bank.

Chicago Blackhawks Betting Odds

Although winning the Stanley Cup again has been drifting further and further from the dreams of Blackhawks fans in recent years, there is still plenty of interest in their games. With 82 games in the regular season, there is no shortage of wagering opportunities. In this section of the page, you’ll find the most accurate and up-to-date odds for both upcoming games, but also for the futures markets, such as the Western Conference and the Stanley Cup. 

As if that wasn’t enough, we’ll also provide you with some NHL expert picks, some interesting NHL prop bets and the up-to-the-minute team news, so you will never be short of relevant information when it comes to placing your next wager.

Chicago Blackhawks Next Games Odds

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Chicago Blackhawks Odds to Win the Stanley Cup

The Chicago Blackhawks have a great history in the Stanley Cup. Here are their latest odds to win it all:

Chicago Blackhawks Odds to Win the Western Conference

The Western Conference has some great teams in it. Do the Chicago Blackhawks have a chance?

Chicago Blackhawks Starting Lineups

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Chicago Blackhawks Prop Bets

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Chicago Blackhawks Game Picks

The Chicago Blackhawks will always be popular picks, whether that is for or against is another story. Find the latest NHL picks from PickFinder. 

Chicago Blackhawks History

One of the most historic franchises in the NHL, the Blackhawks are an Original Six team who have played in the NHL for almost a century. Founded in 1926 as the Chicago Black Hawks, they would change their name slightly to Blackhawks in 1986, after a historian discovered that this was how the name had been originally written on their NHL contract, back in the 1920s. With six championships to their name, three of which came in a six-season spell in the 2010s, only three teams have lifted the Stanley Cup on more occasions than Chicago.

The golden era from 2008 to 2015 saw the Blackhawks win three Stanley Cups, a level of success and dominance rarely seen in the modern NHL. The spine of that team was centered around Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews, Marian Hossa and Duncan Keith, each of whom were key pieces for all three of the successes. Kane, in particular, has enjoyed a Hall of Fame career, with well in excess of 1,000 games and 1,200 points to his name, in addition to his three cup rings.

Alas, all good things must come to an end, and the end of that golden era ushered in a new, less successful spell for the Blackhawks. There were certain parallels drawn to what had happened at the United Center in the 1990s, after the Chicago Bulls dynasty disbanded. It has been an unprecedented and prolonged era of success for the city, with the White Sox and Cubs both winning the World Series, and the Chicago Bears making the Super Bowl in 2007.

Some mismanagement of assets has left fans disillusioned at times, but there is no doubt that the team will rise again. Success is never too far away in the city of Chicago.