Today's Lucky 15 Tips & Selections

By Diarmuid Nolan
 |  5 mins
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Today's Lucky 15 Tips & Selections

Today's Lucky 15 Selections

Smoky Mountain 2.15 Doncaster
Uncle Alastair 3.50 Perth
Bet UK
Adamantly Chosen 4.15 Punchestown
Silver Screen 4.30 Doncaster
William Hill

A £1 Lucky 15 on today's tips returns £3,181.40 with 888sport.

A £1 Lucky 15 on today's tips returns £2,957.22 with Bet UK.

A £1 Lucky 15 on today's tips returns £2,249.00 with Spreadex.

A £1 Lucky 15 on today's tips returns £3,084.50 with William Hill.

What is a Lucky 15?

Many existing and new customers are looking for Lucky 15 betting tips for today and that’s because it’s a fun horse racing bet which means customers get to cheer on a number of daily selections. A Lucky 15 consists of four different selections and you back all of them as singles, while they are also put together in doubles, trebles and an accumulator.

The beauty of a Lucky 15 is that you don’t need all four horses to win in order to land a profit. It might be that you can get a nice return if two selections win, although it depends on the odds that have been selected. There is also the chance to place an each way Lucky 15 so that you get a return if your horses place. If you receive a free bet, why not put it to use on a Lucky 15.

Best Bookie for Using Our Daily Lucky 15 Betting Tips?

We have looked long and hard when it comes to the best new betting sites for Lucky 15 bets. Thankfully, there are lots of Lucky 15 horse racing betting sites that cater for this type of horse racing bet. Some bookies might even give you a boost on your bet or add a bonus on top of any winnings. Check out our recommended bookmakers and decide where to place your bets.

How to Place a Lucky 15 bet online?

It’s actually quite straightforward when it comes to placing a Lucky 15 bet online. The first port of call is to head to the horse racing section of a bookmaker website. You need to head to the individual races like the Grand National, or any race at the Cheltenham Festival like the Gold Cup, where you want to place a bet and choose the horse that you want to back by adding it to your bet slip.

You will be able to see the number of selections that have been added to the betting slip and you need to reach the magic number of four horses. Once you are happy with the four horses on the bet slip, you can then look at the various multiple options and select Lucky 15 which should be available from the various options.

Bear in mind that the Lucky 15 bet is fifteen different bets and so a £1 Lucky 15 actually costs £15 to place. If you are placing an each-way Lucky 15, then a £1 each-way Lucky 15 would cost £30 to place but obviously covers the possibility of each horse running into a place as well as winning. Once the bet is placed, you will be able to see how much you stand to win.

How Does a Lucky 15 Work?

When you place a daily Lucky 15 bet, you select four horses that are running in different races. You then back them in singles, doubles, trebles and an accumulator. That amounts to fifteen different bets altogether. Four singles, six doubles, four trebles and a four-fold. The ideal scenario is that they all win which would mean all fifteen legs of the bet would yield a profit.

However, a Lucky 15 gives you insurance by virtue of the fact that one winning selection out of the four would still yield a return. It might not mean an overall profit but a small payout is better than nothing. If two selections win, then you win on one double and two singles. Three selections winning is almost certain to return a profit considering you have a treble, three doubles and three singles that come up.

How does an Each Way Lucky 15 Work?

An each-way Lucky 15 essentially involves placing two bets in one. You have the win Lucky 15 bet as per the above but also a place Lucky 15 bet. This bet is especially good if the four horses in your Lucky 15 bet are available at bigger prices. It means that you can potentially secure a profitable return if some or all of them are in the frame.

All of the top Lucky 15 betting sites will offer you the chance to place an each-way Lucky 15. It’s generally the case that you select the four horses and add them to your bet slip. You then choose the Lucky 15 betting option and tick the box for each-way. As mentioned, a £1 each-way Lucky 15 would mean a total of £30 staked as you’re placing a £1 win Lucky 15 and a £1 place Lucky 15.

How to Work Out the Returns from a Lucky 15

It can be quite complicated trying to figure out how much your Lucky 15 bet would return considering that there are so many different outcomes. However, the easiest way is to use a bet calculator so that you can get an idea of what you stand to receive should all four of your horses win. When you see the Lucky 15 tips for today, you can then add the odds in the bet calculator and see the potential returns.

Bets With Additional Selections

A Lucky 15 is just one of several combination bets that you can place on horse racing. Many customers enjoy it as you can afford for some of your selections to not win and still get a nice return. If you wanted to back the same horses without singles, then the bet becomes a Yankee. Naturally, you need at least two horses to win to stand any chance of a profit.

The combination bets start when you make three selections and you can choose to either place a Trixie (doubles and trebles) or a Patent (singles, doubles and trebles). Beyond the Yankee and Lucky 15, there is the option to place a Super Yankee which involves five selections (doubles and upwards). A Lucky 31 is a Super Yankee which also includes singles.

The combination bets continue and the biggest that customers generally place is a Goliath bet which consists of eight different selections. This involves placing 247 equal bets, with 28 doubles, 56 trebles, 70 four-folds, 28 six-folds, eight seven-folds and one eight-fold meaning this isn’t one for the faint-hearted!

Lucky 15 Bet Calculator?

While a bookmaker can often show your potential returns when it comes to placing single or accumulator bets, the potential winnings of a Lucky 15 aren’t always as clear-cut. Therefore, you should really be checking out the onsite bet calculator which is really user-friendly and will enable you to see what you can win depending on which legs win.

Simply head to the Lucky 15 bet calculator and add the odds of each selection that you want to back. You will then be able to see how much you can get paid out according to which legs of the bet wins. It’s good to know the potential payout before going ahead and placing the bet.

What Sports Can I Bet On in a Lucky 15?

Essentially you can choose any sport and enjoy a Lucky 15 bet although some are better suited to this wager than others. For example, if you have a Lucky 15 football bet, then you would be better looking to back teams at bigger prices considering that you’re placing four singles as part of the overall combination.

However, it can sometimes be worth doing a Lucky 15 First Goalscorer or Lucky 15 Correct Score bet instead for the football matches. These are markets with more potential outcomes and the prices that you get are akin to horse racing odds. Similarly, a Lucky 15 tennis bet is better to place on the Correct Score market rather than the actual Match Winner.

Is it Worth Doing a Lucky 15 Each Way?

Whether you place a Lucky 15 each way or simply go down the win route is entirely down to you. If you are making horse racing selections at 3/1 or shorter, then it’s probably worth swerving the each-way option as the place returns are not going to be too favourable with these sort of prices. Plus you have to factor in that an each-way L15 effectively doubles your stake.

However, if you are going through a racecard and choosing horses at prices like 16/1 and 20/1, then you might figure that an each-way Lucky 15 is definitely worth doing. After all, a horse finishing second at 20/1 would mean a 5/1 return if the each-way terms were ¼ of the odds and that would work well in a multiple.

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